Valerie Harper

'Rhoda' Actress Valerie Harper Rushed to Hospital

Valerie Harper was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday night during a performance of her musical “Nice Work If You Can Get It” in Maine.

Jewish Women’s Eggs Are in Demand — But Are they ‘Kosher’?

Jewish eggs are in high demand. While some Jews seek them out to ensure that their babies are ‘kosher,’ most just want their offspring to be like them.

Remembering Samuel Pisar, Holocaust Survivor and Tortured Soul

Samuel Pisar, who died this week at the age of 86, was more than a Holocaust survivor. Masha Leon remembers the lawyer and presidential advisor with the tortured soul.

Vocal Fry is Not Women's Problem, It's Your Problem

Naomi Wolf finds vocal fry irritating. That’s fine. But it’s her job to get over it and listen to what young women are saying, instead of policing how they speak.

High Praise for Ant Man and Short Jewish Men

The movie Ant Man proves, once and for all, that team short and Jewish is on the rise.