What Aaron Sorkin’s Gaffe Has In Common With White House Photo-Ops

It’s time to shift feminist focus from addressing cluelessness to bringing about justice.

‘Oedipus In Brooklyn And Other Stories’: Dark Themes And Complex Women

Blume Lempel captures the conditions of women’s lives with both brutality and beauty.

You Won’t Believe Who’s Making The World’s Best Matzo Ball Soup

When an Irish-Catholic expat living in a small English town needs Jewish penicillin, the only thing to do is make it herself. If she can, so can you.

When Breast Is Not Best: ‘Breastfeeding’ Scandal Rocks Canadian Media

The story poses all kinds of ethical issues, so many it’s hard to know where to begin.

Why 7,000 Pieces Of Vicious Anti-Semitic Propaganda Are Relevant Again

The exhibit, which opened on March 20, is composed of over 120 documents and artifacts from the collection of Arthur Langerman, a Holocaust survivor who has spent decades building a collection of anti-Semitic propaganda from the years preceding the Holocaust.

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