Israel Irenstein before he left Orthodoxy (left) and after (right).

What an Ex-Hasid Can Teach You About Dating

For much of his life, Israel Irenstein lived in the strict Gur Hasidic community. Now, he teaches ex-ultra-Orthodox Jews how to navigate the tricky waters of the secular dating scene.

Pulpit Plus One: Being Part of the Team

‘Pulpit Plus One’ interviews Malya, the wife of an an assistant rabbi at a Reform congregation, on being caught eating pepperoni pizza at IKEA and becoming a partner in serving the congregation.

Stop Minimizing Barry Freundel's Actions By Saying He is Nonviolent

Many try to mitigate Barry Freundel’s crimes with the claim that peeping on women in the mikveh isn’t violent. Elana Sztokman says it’s time for a conversation about what non-violent sexual assault looks like, and what it does to victims.

What If 'Mad Max' Were Jewish?

In a land of cannibal slavers, where marauding vampire maniacs patrol the land, Mad Max is on a mission to find a decent bagel with schmear. Max Stein, that is.

A Grim New Woody Allen Film Debuts at Cannes

Borrowing a bit from Albert Camus, Woody Allen debuted ‘Irrational Man,’ his 46th film, at Cannes. A.J. Goldmann reports that it has brought some energy and a lot of nihilism to a festival that was off to a slow start.