A Mushroom-Goat Cheese Pie for National Pizza Day — or Shabbat Dinner

A fabulous, vegetarian homemade pizza pie can be a a fun, modern take on Shabbat dinner.

Gjelina Pizza Dough

This recipe is fairly simple, and according to chef Travis Lett, it’s reliable in quality and consistency.

Carnegie Deli Re-Opens for Business

After a 10-month shutdown, the iconic Manhattan delicatessen is finally reclaiming its place in the pastrami pantheon.


Lena Dunham Skips 'Girls' Events Due to Disease

With the debut of “Girls” season five quickly approaching, show creator and star Lena Dunham announced she will not be doing press for the show due to a health condition, endometriosis. Dunham posted a photo and statement on Facebook detailing her current state of health.

Why the Western Wall Deal is a Victory for Now

The historic compromise on the Western Wall should be viewed as an incredible victory — for now.

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