On #WonderWomanDay, Celebrating 5 Jewish Wonder Women

On #WonderWomanDay, The Forward honors 5 Jewish #RealLifeWonderWomen.

Men In Makeup: Feminist Triumph Or Capitalist Gambit?

What may await us is the dubious triumph of men and women alike having to wonder whether everything that went wrong on a given day would have gone right, had they only gone in for eye cream in their early 20s.

Stressed Out Over the Election? There’s a (Meditation) App For That.

A meditation app has created a series of “election emergency” guided meditations, aimed to help manage politically-induced stress.

Our Favorite GIF’s From the New National Archives Collection — Featuring Bugs Bunny and Albert Einstein

The U.S. National Archives has a brand new GIF channel. Bugs Bunny and Albert Einstein are among some of our favorites from the collection.

Links For Later

Links to some stories that at least one Jewish woman thought seemed enticing.

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