Irving Fields Composer, Pianist and Friend Dies at 101

Irving Fields—composer, pianist and lover of life— died on August 20th at age 101. He thought he would live and be at the keyboard forever, as did his friends and fans. His performance portfolio ranged from concerts at Carnegie Hall to gigs at The Plaza, Miami Beach, the Catskills [Fallsview] and—amazingly—at the marble and gilt abode of Ivana and Donald Trump.

France’s Rules? Topless OK — Burkini No Way

Over the past week, enough ink has been spilled about swimwear in France to make you think it’s fashion week. For a country fixated on the female body, this is not particularly surprising. France has a long history of commodifying, objectifying, and editorializing women’s bodies, almost always for the sake of fashion and (usually impossible) standards of female beauty.

Seriously, What Orthodox Women Wear to the Beach Is No Different From a Burkini

What difference exactly is there between the garb Orthodox Jewish women wear to the beach than the burkini Muslim women wear?


6 Things You Might Not Have Known About Steven Hill

Steven Hill, who made a name for himself as gruff district attorney Adam Schiff on “Law&Order,” died Tuesday in New York City. He was 94.


Who Gives a Green Fig? Plus, More Dish

Decidedly unkosher bbq in Midtown, a new home for Toronto’s last Yiddish window sign, Evita Grill in Chicago, the last kosher deli in Boston closes — plus everything happening in the world of Jewish food.

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