Vocal Fry is Not Women's Problem, It's Your Problem

Naomi Wolf finds vocal fry irritating. That’s fine. But it’s her job to get over it and listen to what young women are saying, instead of policing how they speak.

High Praise for Ant Man and Short Jewish Men

The movie Ant Man proves, once and for all, that team short and Jewish is on the rise.

Morgan Freeman, Voice of God, Wants You To Support The Iran Deal

Actors Jack Black and Morgan Freeman join other big shots, including Queen Noor of Jordan, in a comedic video released Tuesday that plumps for the Iran deal.

2 Dishes to Keep You Cool as a Cuke

Our food editor makes the most of sweet summer cucumbers from the farmers’ market with two no-cook recipes — a cold soup and a sweet-and-sour salad.

Sweet-and-Sour Cucumber Salad

The perfect hot-weather side dish, this simple recipe from Carol Ungar’s new ‘Jewish Soul Food’ cookbook is as refreshing as salad gets.