What Fighting Anti-Semitism Can Teach Us About Battling Transphobia

Trans people and Jews are known better as ideas than as people.

Why Israeli Children Need To Learn Arabic at an Earlier Age

Arabic isn’t taught in Israeli schools before 5th grade, sometimes even later. Shouldn’t this education begin sooner?

Meet Trump’s Latest Nemesis — Steven Goldstein From The Anne Frank Center

The Anne Frank Center’s Steven Goldstein explains why he’s so outspoken in his criticism of the Trump administration’s anti-Semitism.

Getting a Feminist Get

I learned that when it comes to divorce, egalitarianism goes AWOL.

Who’s Afraid Of Saul Alinsky – And Why?

Saul Alinsky’s name has been thrown around a lot recently. Who is he, what did he do, and why are people so afraid of him?

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