The Problem Isn’t All-Female Art Shows

In a male-dominated art culture, let’s stop getting mad at women for taking up space.

Why I’m a Feminist for Bernie — and Won't Apologize for It

For those who say women not voting for Hillary are betraying their gender, Stefanie Iris Weiss responds that her support of Bernie is not in spite of her feminism but rather because of it.


Women Wrap Tefillin Together — But Split Over Western Wall Compromise Deal

Huddled in the cold rain at the women’s section of the Western Wall Plaza, Anat Hoffman, veteran leader of Women of the Wall, removed her jacket, rolled up her long sleeves, and put on tefillin (phylacteries) for the first time in her life.


Coen Bros Defend #OscarsSoJewish Moviemaking Outlook

Asked about diversity in Hollywood last week, the Coen brothers defended to the Washington Post their history of making movies about Jews and Minnesotans.

Stunning 'Superman' Actress Sues After Being Dumped From Modeling Gig

An Israeli fashion store’s decision to fire Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer, 46, as its house model and replace her with a 25-year-old sparked a national debate on women’s rights in that industry.

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