Valentine’s Day Breakfast In Bed, With a Jewish Twist

Jews share their love through food all year long, but Valentine’s Day morning calls for a change of venue.

The Problem Isn’t All-Female Art Shows

In a male-dominated art culture, let’s stop getting mad at women for taking up space.

In Chicago, All Roads Led to Lois Weisberg

She was Chicago’s culture czar, immortalized by Malcolm Gladwell in “The Tipping Point.” Lois Weisberg, who died at the age of 90, is given a fond farewell by writer Ronald Litke who used to work with her.

Why I’m a Feminist for Bernie — and Won't Apologize for It

For those who say women not voting for Hillary are betraying their gender, Stefanie Iris Weiss responds that her support of Bernie is not in spite of her feminism but rather because of it.


How Yiddish Blossomed After the Holocaust

In ‘Survivors and Exiles,’ author Jan Schwarz takes on a tour of Yiddish culture after 1945 — a period of decline that paradoxically includes some of the greatest works ever created.

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