How I Fell in Love With a Nice Jewish Boy Named Christian While in Israel

Chris’ family was secular, somewhat culturally Jewish, but mostly Brazilian. I was brought up in the suburbs of Seattle, in a Conservative Jewish community where we ate pepperoni pizza, not realizing it was pork.

On the Jewish Valentine’s Day, Creating a Crowdsourced Map of Jerusalem’s Love Stories

The Jerusalem Love Map allows contributors to drop an online heart pin on the place where they met or had a date or a proposal.

Anne Frank Film Screened Clandestinely in Iran

A documentary about Anne Frank was secretly screened in Iran, a country whose leaders have openly questioned and denied the Holocaust.

Jewish TV Doctor Fuels Anti-Hillary Clinton ‘Healther’ Theories

Celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky said he was “gravely concerned” about Hillary Clinton’s health, slamming the medical treatments she receives as “1950’s-level care.”


#TBT From Bubbe’s Kitchen: Pickles

This classic, simple recipe will keep you cool as a cucumber.

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