How Martin Buber Lost Friends and Irritated People by Being a Happy Jew

Jewish philosopher Martin Buber has been called both an oracle and a false prophet. His biographer Dominique Bourel talks with Benjamin Ivry about why Buber was also criticized for being a happy Jew.


This Is Where Jewish American Art Began

There’s an enormous appetite for information about early American Jewry, and very little material to feed it. That’s what makes a new exhibit of early American Jewish art at Princeton Art Museum so valuable.

Fillmore District Gets Deli and All the Weekly Dish

A once-Jewish San Francisco neighborhood gets a new Jewish deli, plus everything happening this week in the world of Jewish food.

Gillibrand Urges More Kosher Food to Food Banks

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand asked the Department of Agriculture about reports of shortages of halal and kosher food at food banks.

Israeli Singer Amir Will Be Representing France at Eurovision

Singer Amir Haddad, simply known as Amir, a French-Israeli dentist turned pop-singer will be representing France in the 2016 Eurovision contest.

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