11 Jewish Things To Watch For at the Grammys

The Chosen People helped make 2014 a great year for music. From composers, to producers and performers, here are 11 Jewish things to look out for during the Grammy Awards.

Israel Grabs Palestinian Tax Cash — Again

Israel has for the second month in a row frozen tax revenue that it collects for the Palestinian Authority.

Is Sara Netanyahu Our Mary Todd Lincoln?

Sara Netanyahu is in the news again for all the wrong reasons. It’s easy to toss darts over ‘Bottlegate,’ but a historian says she’s no different from revered first ladies like Mary Todd Lincoln.

Israel Diplomats Face Ax for Anti-Bibi Tweets — Compared to Renegade Soldiers

Israel’s ambassador to Switzerland and two other diplomats face possible dismissal for Twitter posts seen as critical of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.