Israel's Answer to Hot Chocolate Hits New York

A tiny stall in Union Square is one of the only places in New York you can savor sachlav, the thick milky drink that is Israel’s answer to hot chocolate.

Elana Sztokman

'The Lone Feminist Voice'

Elana Sztokman discusses the need for Jewish feminists to speak out in order to find a community.

How Coke Made Hitler 'Happy'

Coca-Cola’s new ad campaign asks fans for hateful Tweets, so the company can turn them into ‘something happy.’ What happens when the Tweets are from ‘Mein Kampf’?

Forward Readers Show Us Their Yarmulkes!

We asked our readers to Tweet their favorite yarmulkes at us. Many obliged, including Dan Shapiro, the ambassador to Israel. Here’s the pick of the bunch.

Martin Gilbert, British Historian Who Wrote Biography of Winston Churchill, Dies at 78

British historian Sir Martin Gilbert, who studied the Holocaust and was the official biographer of Winston Churchill, has died.