He Dreamed a Dream in Yiddish

Last weekend’s Yiddish New York festival offered lessons in “Heebonics” and Yiddish ska music, and most of the great Yiddish musicians, scholars and artists of today. Seth Rogovoy offers a tour of the “boundless, utterly unexpected adventure.”

Was Eve Created From a Very Different Bone of Adam?

Bible scholars are not generally known for producing viral or sexy content.


The Year We Tasted Israel

Israeli chefs and their cuisine garnered more fans — and critical acclaim — than ever before in the U.S., making 2015 the year of Israeli food in America.

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Embracing Kabbalah (Maybe)

The New York Daily News is reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio is sporting a spanking new kabbalah bracelet. Which could have come in handy during the filming of “The Revenant.”


Daniel Radcliffe Has More Than $100M to His Name

You’re a multi-millionaire, Harry!

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