4 Jewiest TV Shows Are Coming Back in 2015

Judaism has never been treated so casually as it was on the American small screen in 2014. Sheerly Avni eagerly anticipates the return of the four Jewiest shows.

The Most Jewish True Crime Book Ever

John Safran’s inquiry into the stabbing death of an elderly white supremacist is chilling. It’s also one of the most Jewish true crime books ever written.

Ari Engel's 5 Tips To Win at Poker

Ari Engel has become one of the world’s best professional poker players over the last few years. Here’s his tips for winning, starting with patience.

Israelis Save Stricken Palestinian Boy at Border

Israeli paramedics and the Israel Defense Forces saved the life of a Palestinian baby who collapsed at the border crossing between the West Bank and Jordan.

It Was the Year of the Centenary

This year marked the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, ushering in a whole century of centenaries.