Meet The Man Behind @BernieThoughts

We talked to Spencer Madsen, creator of the popular twitter parody account @BernieThoughts, about going viral, riding the political fence and why Bernie is kind of like his Jewish grandmother.

Hillary Clinton's Released Emails Include Message Addressed to 'Hashem'

Embedded within one of Hillary Clinton’s thousands of emails, released by the State Department on Monday, was a note addressed to ‘Hashem.’

Video Voyeurism Is a Crime—Let's Treat It Like One

In Israel, at least twenty girls have attempted suicide as a direct result of video voyeurism. It’s time for this offense to be considered a serious crime and for the authorities to act accordingly, writes Elana Sztokman.


‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Brings You the Best Jewish Rap Battle Ever

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” featured a “JAP Rap Battle” this week. And it’s all kinds of messugahs, in the best of ways.

Sacha Baron Cohen Had Wife Sneak His Ali G Costume Into the Oscars

Sacha Baron Cohen revealed he went against Academy rules to present as himself and had wife Isla Fisher sneak in his Ali G costume and help put it on him in the bathroom.

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