Republican Lindsey Graham Vows New Push for Sanctions on Iran

Sen. Lindsey Graham said in Jerusalem that the Senate will vote next month on an bill to reimpose sanctions if nuclear talks falter.

Journalist Chris Hedges Barred by University of Pennsylvania Over Israel Dig

Journalist and former New York Times Middle East bureau chief Chris Hedges says the University of Pennsylvania disinvited him from a peace conference after he published a column that compared the Islamic State to Israel.

Leader of Israel's Black Hebrews Dies at 75

The spiritual leader of an influential group of African-American Jews who moved to Israel died Saturday.

Olive Oil Expertise from a Pro

For Maia Hirschbein, olive oil is a vein that runs through all her interests, from food to Judaism. And it all started two years ago in a Tuscan olive grove.

Gary Shteyngart

The Year of the Former Soviet Author

More and more Jewish writers from the former Soviet Union have become household names. Here’s what you have to know about them, from Gary Shteyngart to Anya Ulinich.