Can You Guess Osama Bin Laden's Favorite Jewish Singer?

Here’s a guy you might not have expected would have had an extensive audiotape collection: Osama Bin Laden. Here’s who you definitely wouldn’t expect to be found in it: an Algerian Jew.

Israeli Dad Gets Street Harassment Right —  Or Does He?

A video of fathers reacting to their daughters getting cat-called features a very loving and protective Israeli dad. But does he really get what street harassment is all about?


So, What’s Wrong With Mixing Milk and Meat?

A formerly frum writer takes a close look at the instruction not to cook a kid in its mother’s milk and wonders what that really has to do with eating butter chicken masala.


Frida Kahlo's Jewish Lover

Born in Szeged, Hungary, Nickolas Muray was a photographer, a painter, and a champion fencer. An exhibit in Toronto highlights his career, his art and his relationship with Frida Kahlo.

This Is What Andy Samberg Looked Like in High School

Andy Samberg, nice Jewish boy and funny man, turned 37 today. To celebrate, Buzzfeed posted some yearbook photos of the comedian.

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