Students Flock To Jewish-Italian Cooking Class

Jewish Italian chef and cooking teacher Silvia Nacamulli doesn’t believe in keeping particular recipes in the family, and as she collects the vegetables for eggplant Parmigiana or fried matzo fritters with pine nuts and orange zest, she is constantly thinking of how she can make the recipe easier for her students to follow.

Bette Midler in Trouble for Caitlyn Jenner Tweet Deemed ‘Transphobic’

Bette Midler landed in hot water this weekend after writing a tweet about Caitlyn Jenner that critics called transphobic.


Siri Mispronounced Barbra Streisand’s Name — So Babs Called Apple’s CEO

Siri was pronouncing Barbra Streisand’s name wrong — so Babs called up Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO to complain, proving yet again that she reigns over everyone.

How To Read The Talmud With Strings Attached

Joseph Skibell links his Talmud study to his love for guitars.

What’s Behind the Boom in Orthodox Women Singers?

In Orthodox circles, the female singing voice has been considered off-limits to men. But that hasn’t stopped a new generation of Orthodox women singers from bringing their talents to women-only crowds.

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