A Half-Century of ‘Delly’ in Maryland

You know you’ve made it in Maryland politics if Chick & Ruth’s names a sandwich or omelet after you.

Is John Galliano Poised For a Comeback?

Four years after his anti-Semitic rant, John Galliano has been successfully rebuilding both himself and the Maison Margiela fashion brand.

Is Viagra for Women Kosher?

The rush to approve “female viagra” leads Jewish educator Rachel Rosenthal to ask what Judaism says about whether (and should) women have sexual desire?


Did Dr. Ruth Just Compare Rape to Jaywalking?

Despite the heavy criticism, Dr. Ruth therapist has doubled down on her views on consent, comparing sexual assault to jaywalking on Twitter.


What It Means To Grow Up Jewish in Chicago

Adam Langer explains why he will always think Manny’s Coffee Shop is better than the 2nd Avenue Deli — and how he will never ever ever be a New York Jew.

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