8 Nights of Food Gifts: Preserving Holiday Spirit

Newly kosher-certified, this luscious marmalade is sweet and bitter with orange and heady with more than a whiff of 10-year-old whisky.

Welcome to the Most Jewish Season of 'Downton Abbey'

In its early days, ‘Downton Abbey’ could easily have been described as one of the least Jewish shows on television. Karen E. Skinazi explains why that’s all about to change this season.

Unusual Creatures That Ruled the World in 2014

The definitive ten best from the world of unusual creatures by Liana Finck — with apologies to Edward Gorey.

Sister of Slain Lone Soldier Moves to Israel

The sister of American-Israeli lone soldier Max Steinberg, who was killed during this summer’s Gaza operation, has moved to Israel.

Controversial: One of Theater J’s disputed productions was 2011’s ‘Return to Haifa,’ which critics claimed took an anti-Israel approach.

61 Theater Chiefs Slam Firing of Theater J Director Ari Roth

Sixty-one artistic directors of U.S. theater companies denounced the DC Jewish Community Center’s firing of Ari Roth, the artistic director of its Theater J who staged numerous works critical of Israel.