Chocolate-Babka French Toast for Mom

Mother’s Day offers every excuse to abandon moderation for a morning and transform an already-decadent pastry into French toast.

How I Honored My Grandfather’s Memory — With a 20-Square-Foot Model of Auschwitz

For his 10th grade personal project, Andrew Altman decided to do something a bit different than usual: He honored the memory of his great-grandfather, Holocaust survivor Edward Biderman by making a model of Auschwitz.


Chocolate Cake From the Mother of Jewish Chocolatiers

The matriarch of the Gomez family made and sold chocolates in Colonial-era Manhattan. Her family’s favorite chocolate cake is just the thing for Mother’s Day.

‘Sababa Snacks’ Seeks a Kosher Stamp for Its Medical Marijuana Edibles

With flavors such as molé spice-cacao-seeds, this gluten-free, vegan, soon-to-be certified kosher treat could easily be mistaken for the latest arrival in the Whole Foods snack aisle

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