What's Wrong With Women Studying Talmud, Rabbi Willig?

The Yeshiva University rabbi claims that women studying Talmud is undermining the foundation of the Orthodox community, Rachel Rosenthal says he’s right — and that’s a good thing.


Italy’s First Woman Rabbi Searches Out Calabria’s Hidden Jews

Barbara Aiello never planned on being the poster-woman for Italian liberal Judaism but as the country’s first female and first non-Orthodox rabbi she is making waves.


A Graphic Tale of the Bronx's Toughest Jew

Benjy Melendez formed one of the Bronx’s most notorious gangs and later discovered his family’s crypto-Jewish past. If you think that would be a good subject for a graphic novel, you’d be right.

B&H Dairy’s Triumphant Return

The 76-year-old restaurant reopens after a meandering, red-tape clogged journey.


When a Rabbi Was the Last Thing I Needed

When she was 19, Alexandra Levine experienced the tragedy of seeing her friend killed by a drunk driver. Six years later, she still relives the horror and still wonders why anyone thought a rabbi could help her.

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