Here’s a Book That’s as Big as New York — And Almost as Jewish

“Nonstop Metropolis” views New York through its riots, its trash, its whaling history, its radio stations and, inevitably, its Jewish history.

In Poland, Artistic Excavations Reveal a Lost World of Jews

Lublin’s Grodzka Gate Centre is striving to preserve the history of Lublin’s Jews and educate contemporary visitors about their fates.


Kosher Cookbooks Have Come a Long Way, Baby

Chefs in the kosher world continue to up the ante, and Renee Muller can be included in this group.


Meet Daniel Levitin — A Polymath in the Truest Sense of the Word

Daniel Levitin has been an author, neuroscientist, musician, record producer and teacher. His new book, “A Field Guide of Lies,” could hardly be more timely.

Spectacular Silan, Lemon and Mustard Salmon

A restaurant-quality (yet surprisingly simple) dish from a gorgeous new kosher cookbook highlights a widely available ingredient that was once hard to find.

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