Kosher Poke Hits New York as Hawaiian Craze Spreads

A new poke spot quietly debuted Tuesday night, taking advantage of the poke (pronounced poh-kay) craze that’s been spreading east from its origins in Hawaii.

That Time Jonah Hill Officiated Childhood Friend Adam Levine’s Wedding

Jonah Hill stopped by “The Howard Stern Show” yesterday to promote his new film “War Dogs” and (as all Stern celebrity interviews tend to go) dropped some delicious gems throughout.

I Grew Up in South Korea — Here’s Why I’m Embracing Judaism

I read Korean comic books based on the Talmud when I was little with rabbis as cartoon characters, but that was the extent of my interaction with Judaism. Now I’m on my way to becoming Jewish.

Meet the New Faces of Jewish Hollywood

They’re young, making big waves and coming to a theatre near you. Meet the next class of young Jewish Hollywood.


How I Fell in Love With a Nice Jewish Boy Named Christian While in Israel

Chris’ family was secular, somewhat culturally Jewish, but mostly Brazilian. I was brought up in the suburbs of Seattle, in a Conservative Jewish community where we ate pepperoni pizza, not realizing it was pork.

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