How This Chef Heals the World — One Plate at a Time

Novelist Kate Christensen talks with chef David Levi of Vinland, in Portland, Maine, who offers a consistent vision and coherent culinary aesthetic — and an ethical foundation, to boot.


Of World's Fairs, Cellphones and 10 Other Facts About Jewish Illinois

There’s a lot more to Illinois Jewish history than Rahm Emanuel and Golda Meir. Here are a dozen things you may not know about members of the tribe in the Land of Lincoln.


A Slice of a New Life

Moshe Schulman came from a devout ultra-Orthodox home — until there was no more kosher food left, and he faced a massive dilemma.


Slaying the Goose and Lifting the ‘Cellophane Veil’

The deep and intricate rules of slaughter are some of the most significant and powerful that the Torah has to teach.


Broadway's 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Be a Wise-Ass

‘An Act of God,’ by former ‘Daily Show’ head writer David Javerbaum, is part stand-up routine and part ‘Book of Mormon.’ Jesse Oxfeld won’t command you to go see it on Broadway, but it’s a funny show anyway.

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