Portrait of the Artist As 'Mamochka'

Welcome to Throwback Thursday, a weekly photo feature in which we sift 116 years of Forward history to find snapshots of women’s lives.

Manischewitz Names Industry Vet New CEO

One of America’s leading kosher food brands announces the appointment of David Sugarman, former CEO of The Allan Candy Company, as president and CEO.

Israel Split Evenly on Bibi Arab 'Droves' Remark

Jewish Israelis are divided when it comes to how they feel about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial Election Day call to counter the votes of “Arabs voting in droves.”

9 Ways to Avoid the Plague of High Holiday Prices

A couponing maven shares her secrets for finding big savings on kosher-for-Passover foods over the course of an expensive holiday week.


Lauren Bacall Mementoes Sell for $3.6M

Art and memorabilia that belonged to the late Hollywood film star Lauren Bacall sold for $3.6 million during a two-day sale.

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