‘Gleaming’ Find: Archeologist shows off gold coin recovered from a shipwreck off the Israeli coast.

'Gleaming' Trove of 2,000 Gold Coins Found Off Israel Coast

Scuba divers have discovered a rare haul of gleaming 1,000-year-old gold coins inscribed in Arabic on the sea bed off Israel, a find archaeologists say may shed light on Muslim rule in that age.

Tovah Feldshuh
Ana Ordonez

Stanford Students Vote for BDS After Senators Shift Votes

The Stanford University student senate passed an Israel divestment resolution that it narrowly defeated a week ago.


Far Right Hungary Councilman Won't Stand for Chief Rabbi Moment of Silence

Jewish leaders in Hungary condemned a politician from the far-right Jobbik party who refused to honor the memory of a former chief rabbi.


A Spice Box Fit for a Pope

A Havdalah spice box recently acquired by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts was created by was created by Giovacchino Belli, a Roman silversmith who worked for Pope Pius VII.