Idina Menzel to Sing at Superbowl

Idina Menzel will sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl in Arizona on Feb. 1.

Heartbreaking Last Texts of Kosher Supermarket Victim Yoav Hattab

One of the kosher supermarket terror victims reportedly pleaded with a friend to observe Shabbat in his heartbreaking final texts just minutes before the deadly carnage erupted.

Viva Las Elvis: David Josefsberg and the ensemble in ‘Honeymoon in Vegas.’

Why 'Honeymoon in Vegas' Is Quintessential Jewish Mother Story

The new Broadway musical ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’ is goofy and slight, but enormously entertaining. It’s also an overtly Jewish musical in the Woody Allen mold, Jesse Oxfeld writes.

ICC Opens Preliminary Israel 'War Crimes' Investigation

Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court will open a preliminary inquiry into possible war crimes in the Palestinian territories, the first formal step that could lead to charges against officials there or in Israel, the court said on Friday.

Angela Merkel Got Erased — Don't We Have Better Things To Worry About?

Orthodox papers erased Angela Merkel from photos of the anti-terror march. Focusing on that is ridiculous when others are killing over perceived offensive images, says Tova Ross.