Why a Canadian Imam’s Eulogy Is Drawing Praise — Even From J.K. Rowling

Imam Hassan Guillet’s eulogy for the victims of the Quebec City Mosque shooting included one victim who isn’t usually mentioned.

The Hypocrisy of the Orthodox Union’s Ban on Women Clerics

What does it mean to “fully utilize” the talents and commitments of women if not to open to them the central role of clergy?

Why Donald Trump Sounds Smarter in Russian

Translated into Russian, Donald Trump sounds smarter and more polite — even if Russians sometimes think his last name is Tramp.”


The Secret Jewish History of Bon Jovi

All members of the band Bon Jovi were delivered by a doctor named Greenberg — but there’s more to the story of their secret Jewish history.


Zahav Sibling Shows What to Do With 500 Pounds of Spare Chicken

Michael Solomonov’s new restaurant, Rooster Soup Company, combines haute cuisine with Tikkun Olam; all profits help the needy.

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