The Secret Sage-Scented History of the Menorah

The idea that the hanukkia actually springs from the soil — from a living and useful herb — gives the holiday fresh meaning. Here, the history along with three sage-inspired Hanukkah recipes.


Why I Do Not and Will Not Live in Donald Trump’s America

Derek B. Miller is not rooting for Donald Trump’s success. He will not unite behind Trump, nor will he collaborate with him. Here’s why.


SPECIAL SECTION: Writing Trump’s America

In “20 Ways of Looking at Trump’s America,” the Forward shares the visions of some of our favorite artists who contemplate the new world order.

Why Trump’s Victory Makes Me Fear For My Family

Joanna Hershon wonders how you can maintain a relationship with your family when you have such fundamental disagreements about politics.

READ: Bob Dylan’s Witty Nobel Speech

In Bob Dylan’s Nobel speech, he speaks of his literary idols — Shakespeare and others — but says he’s never thought about whether his songs are literature.

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