9 Books Bret Stephens Should Read Before Saying Arabs Have a ‘Stunted Literary Culture’

The Wall Street Journal columnist might want to start with ‘Diary of a Jewish Muslim.’


Chic Indie Jewelers Pass Proceeds from Ivanka’s Purchase onto Clinton Campaign

The women behind an indie jewelry line are looking to make an example of Ivanka Trump for her father’s controversial policies.


Kosher Soup Kitchen Opening Was ‘Imminent’ — So What Happened?

Masbia Soup Kitchen Network, which serves meals to the needy in a restaurant-like setting, is having a cash-flow crisis while being fed promises.


7 Sweets for the Most Romantic Jewish Holiday You’ve Never Heard Of

Tu B’av is being called the Jewish holiday of love. Here are a few of our favorite dessert recipes to help spark passion.

8 Quirkiest Facts About Tu B’Av — the ‘Jewish Valentine’s Day’ You Never Heard Of

Here’s what you need to know about the ancient Jewish day of love.

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