Eat, Drink + Think

The Liqueur-Making Jews of Curacao

The oldest continually active Jewish congregation in the Americas? Hint: Check your margarita glass.

No Clear Vision: A mutation in the SLC38A8 gene causes vision problems in Mumbai Jews.

The Genes That Affect Indian-Jewish Vision

A mysterious genetic mutation causes sight problems that affect 1 in 10 Indian Jews in Israel. Geneticists at the Soroka Medical Center now want to understand what it does.

In Memoriam: Oralea Marquardt, pictured with her family, holds a photo of her son William, who died of a rare genetic disease in February 2014. She talks about her experiences in a video for the Courageous Parents Network to ease the sense of isolation for other parents.

A Network for Courageous Parents Offers New Views, Advice on Grief

Grieving parents find support and a way to cope with their child’s fatal diagnosis in the Network For Courageous Parents, a new videocentric online resource.

Israeli State Comptroller Will Investigate Military Conduct and Decisions Made In Gaza

Israel’s state comptroller will investigate Israeli military conduct and decisions made during the recent conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

Deadline Looms as Gaza Ceasefire Talks Stall

The threat of renewed war in Gaza loomed on Wednesday as the clock ticked towards the end of a three-day ceasefire with no sign of a breakthrough in indirect talks in Cairo between Israel and the Palestinians.

How Nina Paley Made 'This Land Is Mine' Viral

Whenever the Israeli-Palestinian conflict heats up, “This Land Is Mine,“ Nina Paley’s devastating three minute animated history of the conflict, goes viral. Here’s why.