Judd Apatow’s New Movie Is The Rom-Com We’ve Been Waiting For

Love, sex, family, and race-relations—this is the romantic comedy 2017 needs.

Don’t Put Blueberries In My Kreplach!

In an obsessive ode to a traditional Jewish food, Naomi Major decided to explore whether kreplach had gone the way of the bagel — bastardized beyond recognition.

Meet ‘Lola Levine’, Peruvian And Jewish Children’s-Book Heroine

The qualities Lola shares with her “Bubbie” are personal, not overtly cultural.

When Smart Rabbis Make Dumb Videos We Must Demand Better

It is still a terrible thing to witness the corporatization of knowledge and the debasement of intellectual discourse.


7 Books Every Jewish Feminist Should Read

Decades after some of the books written by these women were published, they continue to inspire women of all faiths and cultures to step and fight for the cause.

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