Single Orthodox Women Could Be Happy — If Only We’d Let Them

Some are happy, or happy enough, in situations others would expect to make them miserable.

Marvelous Macarons, From Russia With Love

Here’s how a Jewish girl from Russia ended up married to a Frenchman in New York and selling more than 10,000 macarons a day.

Has Golden Globe Nominee Winona Ryder Staged a Comeback?

At the Golden Globes, she’s up for a prize after her role in the Netflix drama “Stranger Things,” in which she plays the character Joyce Byers.

After the Holocaust, Only This Young Composer’s Music Survived

The moving story of an American’s search for his mother’s former love, a composer murdered by the Nazis, was published in the Boston Globe.

Tiffany Charm Bracelet Evokes Memories of Bat Mitzvahs Past

Rothkopf describes “the iconic heart tag charm bracelet, given to the richest of 13-year-old suburban brunettes.”

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