A Letter From the Editor: Efsharoot/Possibility

Sh’ma is a journal first published in 1970 by the liberal theologian Eugene Borowitz that has been in continuous publication ever since. You may be surprised to find Sh’ma in the Forward. In surprise, we hope you will find possibility.

Tantalizing Rosh Hashanah Menus and All the Weekly Dish

From New York to San Francisco, Jewish eateries are offering up some exciting holiday menus.

What Happens to Sex Offenders Who Flee to Israel?

Jewish sex offenders can easily flee to Israel where their crimes remain unknown to those around them. A few grassroots groups in Israel and America have sprung up to change that.


Half Meritorious and Half Culpable: A Sh'ma Infographic

Every person must view himself all year long as though he is half meritorious and half culpable, and also the entire world is half meritorious and half culpable.

Preserving the Politics of Hope: An Exchange of Letters

Sh’ma and The Forward are partnering during the High Holidays. In this piece, activists Julie Saxe-Taller and Jon Elkin debate the President Obama’s politics of hope and change.

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