Mahmoud Abbas Calls Israel 'Gangster' State as Palestinians Rethink Security Ties

Palestinian leaders began a two-day meeting on Wednesday at which they could decide to suspend security coordination with Israel, a move that would have a profound impact on stability in the occupied West Bank.


What Did Jon Stewart Think About Bibi's Speech?

What did Jon Stewart think about Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress? Let’s just say you don’t want the kids to watch this one — or your rabbi.


Benjamin Netanyahu Insists He Gave 'Practical Alternative' on Iran

Pushing back against criticism from U.S. President Barack Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday he had presented a practical alternative for an international nuclear agreement being negotiated with Iran.


The Perfect Purim Cocktail, Named for Esther

Naomi Major admits she’s not the most observant of Jews. But she mixes a mean cocktail: Just try out The Esther for Purim.


Bibi the 'Mansplainer'

Was Benjamin Netanyahu at his condescending worst during his speech? Some women heard a ‘mansplainer’ when he talked down to Americans — and put down other cultures.

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