110 Years Later, This Tragic Yiddish Scandal Is More Timely Than Ever

Enjoying its triumphant Broadway debut, ‘Indecent’ — a Yiddish tale of scandal and tragedy — is particularly well-suited to the Trump era.

How A Feminist Scholar Revealed Sylvia Plath’s Allegations Of Ted Hughes’s Abuse

The literary world has been recently abuzz over reports that a letter of poet and novelist Sylvia Plath, which has never been made public, alleges that her husband, the poet Ted Hughes, physically abused her two days before she miscarried their second child.

An Easy Verdict: Anne Frank, Not ‘Privileged’

I do not see evidence of an epidemic of checking of Anne Frank’s privilege among young progressives today. And thank goodness.

The 6 Jews You Need To Follow On Instagram

Thanks to Instagram, your insecurity can mingle with your morbid curiosity and your fantasies can flirt with your personal aesthetics.

5 Things To Know About Vanessa Bayer, SNL’s Jacob The Bar Mitzvah Boy

The comedienne had leukemia as a teenager, and now says that “Being sick is the reason I went into comedy.”

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