Jen Glantz is Your Bridesmaid for Hire

WATCH! Getting married but don’t want to stress out your girlfriends with all your wedding drama? Jen Glantz is the woman for you.

The Amazing Man Who Watched Jewish History Unfold in Maryland

His home was the first in Baltimore to have gas lights. He fought in the War of 1812 and got Maryland to pass a ‘Jew Bill.’ Laura Moser revisits the life of Mendes Cohen.

Better Than Barack? Adolf Hitler and his generals march in front of Eiffel Tower after occupation of France.

Republican Sorry for Comparing President Obama to Hitler Over Paris No-Show

Randy Weber, a Republican from Texas, has drawn hefty criticism and some praise after he compared President Barack Obama’s decision not to attend a rally in Paris to Adolf Hitler’s visit to the city after the Nazis invaded.

Push Your Way to Front Like Bibi

Benjamin Netanyahu’s sharp-elbowed rush to the front of the Paris anti-terror march was the stuff of instant social media legend.