Links for Later: The Melania-Gown Edition

Yes, Twitter did point out the irony.

IDF Prepares Israeli for Heat of NY Kitchens

From IDF to Italian cruise ship to some of New York’s most notable restaurants, Moshe Grundman found the pressure of a professional kitchen like being in the army — and he liked it.

8 Foods You Didn’t Know Jews Eat During Hanukkah

There’s much more to Hanukkah than latkes and donuts.

Not Sure What to Give This Hanukkah? Have You Considered a Rock?

A (viral) non-story about a knick-knack deflects attention from the department store’s decision to keep selling Ivanka Trump’s brand.

Harold Prince Produced Broadway Musicals — Now He’s the Subject of One

Will the show earn Prince, the most decorated Tony Award-winner of all time, another nomination?

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