Italy’s First Woman Rabbi Searches Out Calabria’s Hidden Jews

Barbara Aiello never planned on being the poster-woman for Italian liberal Judaism but as the country’s first female and first non-Orthodox rabbi she is making waves.


A Graphic Tale of the Bronx's Toughest Jew

Benjy Melendez formed one of the Bronx’s most notorious gangs and later discovered his family’s crypto-Jewish past. If you think that would be a good subject for a graphic novel, you’d be right.

B&H Dairy’s Triumphant Return

The 76-year-old restaurant reopens after a meandering, red-tape clogged journey.


When a Rabbi Was the Last Thing I Needed

When she was 19, Alexandra Levine experienced the tragedy of seeing her friend killed by a drunk driver. Six years later, she still relives the horror and still wonders why anyone thought a rabbi could help her.


Why We Have To Talk About Cancer

Having grown up within a Orthodox Jewish enclave, Rifky Tkatch, knew that many in her community did not like to talk about cancer. Yet it wasn’t until she conducted interviews in Detroit that she uncovered barriers to screening that stunned her.

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