Adam Sandler Has Updated 'The Hanukkah Song'

Adam Sandler has put a new spin on an old favorite.


Accepting Transgender Jews Can't Just Come From the Top

The Jewish community must acknowledge the diversity in deeply-held beliefs about gender and create processes through which these differences can be negotiated.


Fried Olives for Breakfast?

Whether with cocktails or an Israeli breakfast, fried green olives are a savory way to celebrate the miracle of the oil.

Of Tattoos, Fords, Volkswagens and Arthur Godfrey

Once upon a time, Jewish Americans would never buy a Ford or a Volkswagen or get a tattoo. Things are different now. And, as Neal Gabler contemplates his daughter’s VW, he tries to figure out why.


One Woman's Investigation of Religion in Public Schools

For five years, Linda K. Wertheimer crisscrossed the country observing and reporting on the teaching of religion in public school classrooms.

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