Brooklyn Sculpture Says It All in a New York Way: ‘Oy’ and ‘Yo’

A sculpture installed in a Brooklyn park says it all in an expressly New York way: “oy” and “yo.”

Make Your High Last For 8 Days With This Bong Menorah

Eight crazy nights? How about eight hazy nights!


Taste Testing ‘Modern Israeli Cooking’

This holiday-worthy dish from the new ‘Modern Israeli Cooking’ was considered a knockout by guests at a recent Taste Test dinner.

Whipped Cheesecake With Pecan Cookie Crust and Crumble

A cross between a crumble cheesecake and a whipped-cream dessert, this easy, make-ahead recipe is enhanced with labne and mascarpone.

The Nazi Plot Against America Revisited

What if America had failed to intervene in World War II? Could the Nazis have taken over the US? “The Man in the High Castle,” a new Amazon series based on the Philip K. Dick novel resonates eerily with America’s past and present.

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