Did Israel Use Jewish Voodoo To Jinx Soccer Superstar Gareth Bale?

Some say they know how underdog Israel kept soccer superstar Gareth Bale under wraps and won a surprising tie with Wales – it’s witchcraft!


Why the Blood Libel Won't Die

In ‘The Murder of William of Norwich,’ historian Emily Rose explores long-standing accusations that Jews murdered Christian children in ritual ceremonies.


How a Chabad Hasid Became a South Bronx Middle School Legend

Tuvia Tatik stands out at Jordan L. Mott Middle School in the South Bronx. The seventh grade dean is a bearded Chabad Hasid — and says his faith helps him connect across the cultural divide.


Speaking Yiddish in Gaza

There was a time when many Gaza Palestinians spoke Yiddish from interacting with pre-state Jewish pioneers. That could be why Misha, a shopkeeper and an immigrant from Ukraine, used to feel at home in the Strip.


A Tribute to Grandma’s Sweets for the New Year

Honey cake and teiglach prompt Jo Ann Gardner’s fond memories of her grandmother — even though they didn’t see eye to eye about Jewish life.

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