Watch and Learn: Ben's Best Potato Pancakes

Watch Jay Parker make potato pancakes, then try it yourself. The Ben’s Best deli man provides the recipe.


Americans Disapprove of Benjamin Netanyahu Speech to Congress

Nearly half of American voters believe that Republican lawmakers should not have invited Israel’s prime minister to speak to Congress without first notifying President Barack Obama, a new poll found.


How the Fast of Esther Became International Agunah Day

Why is International Agunah Day the same date as the fast of Esther? Rabbinical Court Advocate Rachel Levmore explains.


'The Jewish Journey' Eyes 350 Years of Migrations to America

“The Jewish Journey: America,” a PBS documentary tracking the migrations over 350 years of Jews fleeing Latin America, czarist Russia, Nazi Germany and the Muslim world for these shores.


Israeli Activists Pitch Tents in Housing Protest

Dozens of Israeli social activists pitched tents in the coastal city of Tel Aviv on Sunday protesting about a housing shortage which is a key issue in campaigning for a March 17 election.

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