An Auschwitz Home Movie Scored by Eric Clapton

Philippe Mora’s documentary “Three Days in Auschwitz” features a score by rock legend Eric Clapton and some compelling source material. But is the director too close to his material?


Is Jennifer Weiner Not Pretty Enough for Oprah — or Just Too Insecure?

Jennifer Weiner, the massively popular popular-fiction writer who also has a column in the New York Times and a profile in the “New Yorker,” was disappointed at not also getting selected for Oprah’s Book Club. That disappointment, which Weiner expressed in a few since-removed Facebook posts (hereis the one she’s settled on, for now at least), inspired gentle mockery from some women-oriented blogs. In a Jezebel post whose title referred to Weiner’s response as “Wigging Out,” Aimée Lutkin notes that there’s a specific reason Oprah might have avoided picking Weiner: Weiner sometimes tweets unflattering things about Oprah. Then Heather Schwedel joined in on Slate’s women’s blog, spelling out what Lutkin’s headline and post’s subtext merely suggested: that complaining about this was, for Weiner, a bad look.

Can You Guess the First Jewish Actor To Ever Win an Emmy Award?

Groucho Marx and Sid Caesar were not the first Jews to win an Emmy Award. The first winner, back in 1951, was a guy nicknamed Mr. Television, aka Milton Berle.


Ivanka Trump Cuts Short Interview Amid Questions About Donald’s ‘Incovenient’ Pregnancy Remark

Things got heated between Ivanka Trump and Cosmopolitan reporter Prachi Gupta during an interview discussing Donald Trump’s child care and maternity leave plan.


1,000-Year-Old ‘Afghan Genizah’ Offers Window on Lost World of Silk Road Jews

The National Library of Israel has purchased the “Afghan Genizah” collection brought to Israel by Israeli antiquities dealer Lenny Wolfe some 10 months ago. The collection includes about 250 documents, most from the 11th century, and were most likely discovered in a cave in northern Afghanistan.

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