Watch Frum March To Protest Sabbath-Violating Teens in Lakewood

Lakewood, New Jersey, is a bustling Haredi town organized around its grand yeshiva and dominated by strict rabbinic authority. Watch what happened when a few teenage rebels decided to hang out at a lake on Shabbat.


Meet the Rapping Rabbi of Seattle

Simon Benzaquen, a Seattle rabbi, wants to preserve old Sephardic songs. He’s hoping to produce the first ever Ladino rap music album.


Nazi Occupation Meets Reality Television in New Czech Show

Just when you think reality television has reached peak absurdity levels, the trashy TV gods deliver something like this. Presenting “Holiday in the Protectorate,” a Czech show that requires a family to live for two-months under World War II-like conditions, Gestapo included.

What an Ex-Hasid Can Teach You About Dating

For much of his life, Israel Irenstein lived in the strict Gur Hasidic community. Now, he teaches ex-ultra-Orthodox Jews how to navigate the tricky waters of the secular dating scene.


Pulpit Plus One: Being Part of the Team

‘Pulpit Plus One’ interviews Malya, the wife of an an assistant rabbi at a Reform congregation, on being caught eating pepperoni pizza at IKEA and becoming a partner in serving the congregation.

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