Mar-A-Lago Kitchen Slapped With 13 Health Code Violations

The kitchen at President Donald Trump’s “Winter White House,” Mar-a-Lago, was
slapped with 13 health-code violations.

8 Inspiring Lessons We Learned from Sheryl Sandberg’s Grief Manifesto

With remarkable will and humility, Sandberg has turned herself into a poster woman for living through grief.

The First Question Trevor Noah Would Ask Donald Trump

The host knew exactly what he’d say.

The Mystery — And Incredible History — Of Charoset

The Seder may be a vision of future redemption, but charoset is the day after, when it’s back to reality.

The Guy Who Quit ‘Hot’ Women — And Got Engaged To Short Brunette

The way the article presents the story makes everyone discussed seem more outrageous than they probably are.

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