Rachel Kushner Wrote About Jerusalem Refugee Camp For NYT Mag — Here’s What Happened Behind the Scenes

Kushner went to Shuafat with little knowledge of Israel or the occupied territories. She left with intimate knowledge of the region’s violence.


Is Alexander Portnoy White?

If whiteness is an easy, carefree, oblivious relationship to race, then it’s awfully difficult to classify Alexander Portnoy as white.

The Secret Jewish History of Jackie Kennedy

Now that Jackie Kennedy is being portrayed by our most famous Israeli-born actress, it’s time to look at the late first lady’s Jewish history.


This 101-Year-Old’s Uncle Was the Strongest Jew in the World

In the 1920s, a Romanian Jewish man named Max Rosenstock became ‘The Strongest Man in the World.’ His 101-year-old niece, the late Martha Gold, told us his story.


Stop Scapegoating Feminism for Clinton’s Loss

We now have to read counterintuitive think-piece after counterintuitive think-piece about how the culprit wasn’t sexism, but rather feminism itself.

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