Slaying the Goose and Lifting the ‘Cellophane Veil’

The deep and intricate rules of slaughter are some of the most significant and powerful that the Torah has to teach.


Broadway's 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Be a Wise-Ass

‘An Act of God,’ by former ‘Daily Show’ head writer David Javerbaum, is part stand-up routine and part ‘Book of Mormon.’ Jesse Oxfeld won’t command you to go see it on Broadway, but it’s a funny show anyway.

Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky Face Off (Again) in New Chess Drama

In 1972, the world was glued to a chess match between Brooklyn chess prodigy Bobby Fischer and Russian camp Boris Spassky. Now, you can relive the whole thing in an upcoming biopic.

Aspen Chabad Announces 'Special' Pot Classes, Then Quickly Cancels Them

The Chabad of Aspen, Colorado, announced that it would host ‘special’ summer art classes featuring cannabis, smoked and edible. But it turns out the plan was only half-baked.


The Hard Earned Lessons of Going 'Dutch' on a Date

Growing up, Talia Carner’s mother forced her to split expenses with all her dates. It may have been difficult at the time but Carner now realizes it helped her be viewed (and view herself) as an equal in the relationship.

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