Who's Making the Matzo Balls?

Is Passover still women’s work? The first installment of our ‘Who Sets the Table?’ series is about to find out —  with a little help from you and your personal holiday stories.


Some of Abe Lincoln's Best Friends Were Jewish. Honestly.

As far as we know, Abraham Lincoln never said, ‘Some of my best friends are Jewish.’ But he certainly could have, as a landmark new book from Jonathan Sarna and Benjamin Shapell reveals.


Why David Greenspan Is Easy To Admire But Hard To Like

Flamboyant. Reptilian. Cerebral. These are some of the words that describe actor/playwright David Greenspan. But likable? Not always. Contributing editor Joshua Furst explains.

14 Facts About Jewish West Virginia

Did you know that the Shoney’s restaurant chain was started by a West Virginian Jew? Here are eleven other things you might not know about the Mountain State.


Lena Dunham Isn't Anti-Semitic. She's Just One of Us

Many have declared Lena Dunham’s essay comparing her Jewish boyfriend to her dog to be anti-Semitic. It’s not, Hilary Saunders argues. Have we lost our sense of humor?

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