Why the Blood Libel Won't Die

In ‘The Murder of William of Norwich,’ historian Emily Rose explores long-standing accusations that Jews murdered Christian children in ritual ceremonies.


How a Chabad Hasid Became a South Bronx Middle School Legend

Tuvia Tatik stands out at Jordan L. Mott Middle School in the South Bronx. The seventh grade dean is a bearded Chabad Hasid — and says his faith helps him connect across the cultural divide.


A Miserable Marriage Made Worse by Rabbinic Court That Ended It

After 36 years, Benjamin Feldman and his wife decided to call it quits. It was an unhappy marriage, and it got scrapped in a place equally miserable — a Jewish religious court.


A Tribute to Grandma’s Sweets for the New Year

Honey cake and teiglach prompt Jo Ann Gardner’s fond memories of her grandmother — even though they didn’t see eye to eye about Jewish life.

Speaking Yiddish in Gaza

There was a time when many Gaza Palestinians spoke Yiddish from interacting with pre-state Jewish pioneers. That could be why Misha, a shopkeeper and an immigrant from Ukraine, used to feel at home in the Strip.

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