It Was an Un-Orthodox Year

Books by and about Jews who leave Orthodoxy reached a critical mass in 2014. Will readers keep turning the pages of the ex-Hasidic tell all?

Jew or No Jew: Christmas Song Edition

Behind (almost) every Christmas hit, there’s a Jewish writer. Take our quiz and see if you can guess which of your favorite holiday songs were written by members of the tribe.

The Year the Met Met Klinghoffer

2014 was the year opera made the front page. The reason? Not a fabulous diva nor a soaring aria. It was controversy named ‘Klinghoffer.’

Michael Twitty, Black Jewish Foodie, Talks 'Culinary Justice'

Michael Twitty is black, Jewish and a self-described historian of food. He traces the links between his grandmother’s soul food — and ours.

Pioneers: A Jewish couple opened North Dakota’s first McDonald’s in 1968.

6 Things About Jewish North Dakota

Did you know North Dokata has a Jewish pioneer cemetery and a McDonald’s run by Jews? Here are six surprising things about the Peace Garden State.