Al Jaffee Explains How Mad Magazine Made American Humor Jewish

At 94, Al Jaffee is Mad’s longest-lasting artist. He explains how the magazine took Jewish humor into the American mainstream — and reveals the symbolic significance of the fold-in he’s been drawing for the past half-century.


Magical Realism and Sexuality Energize Holocaust Novel

The explicit, violent sexual passages and defiance of realism may challenge some readers. But Julia M. Klein says “Unspeakable Things,” by Kathleen Spivack is an exciting and energetic debut Holocaust novel.

Spoofing the Sex-Drenched Zionism of North American Jews

Part Sarah Silverman and part Borat, the star of the new video series “Avi Does the Holy Land” is a subversive send-up of the North American Jewish relationship to Israel.


6 Sweet Moments Between Ruth Bader Ginsburg and 'Best Buddy' Antonin Scalia

As much as they disagreed on matters of the law, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the late Justice Antonin Scalia did agree on how much they liked each other.

At Berlin Festival, Documentaries Inspire and Infuriate

The documentary program provides some of the Berlin Film Festival’s greatest highlights this year — but there are some misfires as well. A.J. Goldmann tries to separate the milk from the duds.

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