Wait, Johnny Depp Wants to Be a Mohel?

It looks like Johnny Depp is just as depressed about his career as you are. In a recent interview on Israeli TV, the actor said he has given ‘serious thought’ to becoming a mohel.

Rabbi Daniel Brenner

'Mommy, Can Men Be Rabbis?'

Rabbi Daniel Brenner, chief of education and program for Moving Traditions, remembers his initial confusion over women’s roles in Judaism

Tofu With Apricots, Olives and Almonds

A Moroccan-inspired vegetarian main course for Tu B’Shvat includes olives and couscous, to represent two of the seven species.

Tom Brady Has a Menorah at Home

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has a couple of Jewish connections. And the Super Bowl star inexplicably has a menorah at his home.

Remembering Forward Stalwart Fani Jacobson

The extraordinary administrative assistant was likely the last Forverts employee to have worked with Founding Editor Ab Cahan.