Why Jewish Anxiety Is No Laughing Matter

Is anxiety a Jewish trait? Madison Margolin asks if the Woody Allen stereotype has tricked us into thinking that all members of the tribe suffer from a light version of a serious mental illness.


One Jewish Woman's Quest to Become Joan Didion

Years ago, author Susan Shapiro dreamed of becoming the Jewish Joan Didion. Many years and books later, the dream persists — with a twist.

Berkeley Couple Welcomes Shabbat Guests for 25 Years

Ever since Sarah and Abraham opened their tent to three strangers in the Genesis tale, Jews have considered it a mitzvah to welcome guests. This couple takes that hospitality to the extreme.


Want To Live to 120? Look to the Jews.

There may be more to a long healthy life than diet and exercise. Israeli scientist Dr. Nir Barzilai believes the secret to longevity lies in the genes of long-living Ashkenazim.

A Tale of Two Flags, Confederate and Zionist

Weeks after the Confederate flag was taken down in South Carolina, Jenna Weissman Joselit explores whether there are any comparable moments - politically, socially or emotionally - in modern American Jewish history.

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