'I Think You're Totally Wrong' Goes to Hollywood

Four days of intense conversation between friends became the basis for ‘I Think You’re Totally Wrong: A Quarrel,’ a book that is now being made into a movie by James Franco.

So, Why Are All Podcasters Jewish Anyway?

The hosts of the top podcasts in iTunes reads like a passenger manifest on the Exodus — but is there a reason behind it? Josh Nathan-Kazis explores the phenomenon of Jews and podcasting.

Balabusta Bootcamp

In today’s frantic, fast-paced world, has the balabusta become as obsolete as the meat grinder or pop-up toaster?

I'll Always Have Paris

The country’s recent terror attacks have prompted Masha Leon to reflect on how France and all things French have punctuated her life, from Lithuania to Japan — to Paris.

Celebrating the Life and Career of Yiddish Theater Legend Mina Bern

A large crowd filled the auditorium for the Center for Jewish History recently to honor the life and work of Mina Bern, a beloved Yiddish actress who died in 2010.