Geeking Out on Primo Levi — and Elena Ferrante — With a Master Translator

Primo Levi’s complete works have recently been republished in a massive three-volume set overseen by master translator Ann Goldstein. Joshua Furst and Goldstein talk Levi’s relationship with his Jewishness and the difficulties of the act of translation itself.

That Time Allen Ginsberg Wrote a Socialist Poem — About Bernie Sanders

In 1986, poet Allen Ginsberg wrote a sonnet about a Vermont town led by a certain Jewish socialist. Allan M. Jalon delves into the history of the poet’s relationship to Bernie Sanders.


Taste Testing ‘Jewish Festival Food’

At first unimpressed by a cookbook full of classics, our reviewer grew to appreciate the variety and quality of the Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Mizrachi recipes within.

When You're a Gay Israeli, You Can Go Home Again

The 66th Berlin International Film Festival features a plethora of Jewish and Israeli films. Notable among them: Tomer Heymann’s “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now” about an HIV-positive Israeli reconciling with his religious family.

Ethiopian Doro Wat Chicken Stew for Shabbat

Long-simmered Ethiopian stews, known as wats, are traditionally served with the pancake-like flat bread, injera.

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