How Bill Graham Went From Jewish Refugee to Rock Impresario

A refugee from Nazi Germany, Bill Graham became one of the biggest names in rock ‘n’ roll history. He’s the subject of the new traveling exhibition “Bill Graham and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Revolution.”

No, Concerned Internet, Richard Dreyfuss is Not Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Dad

It turns out that people thought that Richard Dreyfuss was Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ late father—which led to some very distressed tweets.

Can a Woman Be a Mensch?

What does the word “mensch” really mean? Of course, everyone knows its connotations of decency, kindness and humility; these are not gendered qualities. Yet in common usage, the word is often applied more to men than to women:


5 Jewish Things About Skittles That Donald Trump Jr. May Not Know

Since Skittles have now been dragged into the presidential campaign by Donald Trump Jr, we explore the delectable fruit candy’s secret Jewish history.


Dolls Snatched From Doomed Jewish Sisters Were Poignant Reminder of Holocaust

Two dolls taken away from Jewish sisters during the Holocaust found a home with a French family—where they remained for three generations.

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