Elissa Strauss

Elissa Strauss On Studying the Talmud While Female

Forward columnist Elissa Strauss talks about connecting to the Talmud for the first time.

Are Rape Fantasies Kosher?

A new podcast on sex and halacha covers topics — from rape fantasies to sex toys — not usually discussed by your local rabbi.

Hungary's Viktor Orban Admits Some Chose 'Evil' in Holocaust

Prime Minister Viktor Orban overcame unease within his government to acknowledge Hungary’s role in the Holocaust on Monday, saying many people in the central European country acted “shamefully” in World War Two.

What My Jewish Mom Thinks About Deflate-Gate

What does your Jewish mom think about Deflate-Gate? Pat Seftel weighs in on the Super Bowl and why she would definitely date Tom Brady.

Nazi War Criminal Loses Canada Citizenship

A Nazi-era war-crimes suspect has lost an appeal to keep his Canadian citizenship.