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Vegetables Are the New Bacon at Dirt Candy

Amanda Cohen, the owner of New York’s Dirt Candy, talks about her favorite Jewish food memories and how vegetables may just be the new bacon.

Amphibious Action: A lizard in Independence Park remains blissfully unaware of the larger conflict.

A Lizard's Eye View of the Conflict in Israel

A day of family fun with lizards in a Tel Aviv park is interrupted by rocket sirens. Dalia Rosenfeld writes that such disturbances of everyday life have themselves become commonplace.

'Bomb Gaza' Apps Yanked From Google Store

The Gaza war inspired web developers to create games for phones. But the apps are creating a firestorm of controversy.

First British Muslim Minister Sayeeda Warsi Quits Over Gaza

Sayeeda Warsi resigned from her position as a senior minister in Britain’s Foreign Office on Tuesday, saying she could no longer support the government’s policy on the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Israel Pulls Troops From Gaza — 3-Day Truce Starts

Israel pulled its ground forces out of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday and started a 72-hour ceasefire with Hamas mediated by Egypt as a first step towards negotiations on a more enduring end to the month-old war.

All God’s Griffins Got Wings at Cleveland Synagogue

Winged lions and Orthodox temples don’t usually go together. In the midst of a renovation, Cleveland’s historic Green Road Synagogue ponders removing the griffins for aesthetic reasons.