Anti-Semitic Incidents Double in France

Last year saw a doubling of anti-Semitic incidents recorded in France, and a 60 percent increase Belgium.

Americans Try Snacking While Sabra

Chocolate bars filled with Pop Rocks? Falafel-flavored crunchies? In a new Buzzfeed video, Americans sample Israeli snacks and find out just what we’re missing.

An Outsider Among Montreal's Hasidim

Maxime Giroux’s sublime film ‘Felix and Meira,’ takes place in Montreal’s Mile End neighborhood, where Hasidim and hipsters coexist without actually engaging.

Fairytale Journey: Miranda Mouillot chronicles her grandparents’ lost love.

Granddaughters of the Shoah

A new genre of Holocaust memoirs, told by grandchildren of survivors, poses a new dilemma to the authors: the limits of their knowledge and memory.

Why Studying Women in the Holocaust Is Important

The study of women in the Holocaust is considered an important (and thriving) academic field. It wasn’t always that way. Pioneering historian Myrna Goldenberg reflects on its beginnings.