Why Serial Killers and Jewish Pirates Fascinate Josh Zeman

First, the Long Island Serial Killer. Next, Jewish pirates. Filmmaker Josh Zeman explains his fascination with crime and tough Jews.

A Psychedelic Pippi Longstocking Creates Art So Beautiful It Hurts

Sure, Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist may be an atheist. But her breathtaking artwork is creating true believers.

Animal Welfare Beyond Ethical Eating

Should households that are committed to cage-free eggs also promise to only adopt pets from shelters? If you generally purchase ethically-raised meat, why not extend your sensibilities to only buying beauty and cleaning products that weren’t tested on animals?

9 Super Jewish Sammies for National Sandwich Day

In honor of National Sandwich Day, here are 10 of our favorites from coast to coast.

Mila Kunis Blasts Sexist Hollywood Producers in Open Letter

When Mila Kunis refused to pose semi-naked to help promote one of her films, she was told by a producer that she’d “never work in this town again.”

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