German Jewish Leader Warns Against Kippahs in Muslim Neighborhoods

Germany’s Jewish community leader has advised Jews not to wear skullcaps in areas with a large Muslim population, a warning that underscores fears about growing anti-Semitism in Europe.


'Deli Man' Pays Homage to Jewish Comfort Food

In ‘Deli Man,’ filmmaker Erik Greenberg Anjou takes us on a mouthwatering journey to Jewish delis across the country, from New York to Houston.


An Unlikely Ghost Story From David Cronenberg

‘Maps to the Stars,’ the latest movie from Canadian auteur David Cronenberg, is a kind of ghost story. But the horrors it portrays are entirely of this world.


John Kerry Slams Benjamin Netanyahu's 'Judgment' on Iran as Feud Deepens

U.S. officials on Wednesday questioned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judgment and said his outspoken condemnation of efforts to secure an Iranian nuclear deal had injected destructive partisanship into U.S.-Israeli relations.


Streit's Matzo Factory Turning Out Last Batch

After Passover, the company will shift its matzo production to its New Jersey factory or to another non-Manhattan location.

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