Israel's Los Angeles Consulate Accused of Mismanagement and Harassment

The Israeli Foreign ministry is investigating sexual harassment charges at its Los Angeles consulate.

Pomegranate Juice Made for a Mitzvah

Every January, the Hasidic charity Chesed 24/7 obtains 40,000 pounds of California pomegranates, squeezes them into juice and ships the product to ailing Jews.

Controversial Material: ‘Return to Haifa’ was presented at Theater J as part of the ‘Voices From a Changing Middle East’ festival.

What Ari Roth and Theater J Could Have Learned From the Jewish Conciliation Board

Ari Roth tried to stimulate public conversation at Theater J. His bosses thought he went too far. In its day, the Jewish Conciliation Board might have helped them work it out.

Israel's Top General Says No Worries on War Crimes After Palestinians Join ICC

Israel’s top military officer said on Thursday he was disappointed rather than worried about a Palestinian move to join the International Criminal Court, calling it unnecessary because Israel could investigate complaints itself.

Jewish 'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman Calls Off Engagement

It seems Andi Dorfman is single again. The Jewish reality TV star has abruptly called off her engagement to Josh Murray, who purportedly won her heart on ‘The Bachelorette.’