What Would America Look Like Under Nazi Rule?

What would America be like if the Nazis had won the war? Amazon’s new show, ‘The Man in the High Castle’ paints a chilling picture.


Overcoming Group Hugs and Other Things I Learned on a Jewish Spiritual Retreat

For a while, Thea Glassman thought her only connection to Judaism was “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and liking guys with curly hair. But a spiritual retreat changed all that. Maybe.

Wine, Crime and a Jewish Financier

In her new book, journalist Frances Dinkelspiel relays the story of the California wine industry through a tale of arson, intrigue — and her own Jewish family.

The Not So Avant-Garde Art of Harold Garde

92-year-old Harold Garde is the subject of a retrospective at the Orlando Museum of Art. He reflects on his journey as a Jewish artist from the mid-20th Century to the early part of the 21st.

The Problem With Mammograms

Because she had dense breasts, Hallie Leighton was diagnosed far too late with breast cancer. Her struggle — chronicled by her best friend filmmaker Julie Marron — is the subject of the documentary “Happygram.”

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