Taylor Swift is No 'Nazi Barbie,' Jewish Group Tells Camille Paglia

An Australian Jewish group has criticized author Camille Paglia for referring to Taylor Swift as an “obnoxious Nazi Barbie.”


When Modest Is Hottest

The obsession with protecting girls’ modesty is not just the purview of Orthodox Jews. Elana Sztokman examines how the rhetoric around policing girls’ bodies has spread to secular schools in Israel and how this movement compares to a similar campaign among Christians.


Jewish Psychics of the Lower East Side — and Why We Need Them

Once upon a time, Manhattan’s Lower East Side was teeming with so-called clairvoyants. Britta Lokting investigates our history with psychics, and her own.

How Evgeny Kissin Became a One-Man Yiddish Pride Movement

The fact that Evgeny Kissin is a virtuoso pianist is hardly news. But lately, he’s become an ambassador for Yiddish poetry — reciting classics and declaiming some of his own. Kissin explains his commitment to Yiddish culture.

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