Adam LeBor: An Englishman in Hungary

Adam LeBor is a journalist who created a spy series about a shadowy Israeli operative. He talks about his latest thriller ‘The Washington Strategem.’

One Bubbe's Adventures in Online Dating

Nancy Rips joined online dating sites in search of a new beau. Instead, the Jewish grandmother has met a motley crew of the internet’s not so eligible bachelors.

Female Rabbis Lead Pioneering Prayer Communities

Rabbi-led spiritual communities — unaffiliated with a movement and untethered to a building — are an area where female rabbis have taken the lead.

Benjamin Netanyahu Slams U.N. Plans To 'Dictate' on Palestinian Statehood

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said before talks on Monday with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry he would defy any U.N. move to “dictate” a timeframe for withdrawal from land Palestinians seek for a state.

Are Gingerbread Houses for Jews Too?

Michael Kaminer asks: Is the world ready for the Hanukkah gingerbread house, a Semitic spin on the most goyish of holiday foods?