POEM: 'Zohar'

Arms Around the World: Tenenbom embraces some new friends at Hillel, an organization dedicated to helping ex-Haredi Jews.

Everything He Wanted To Know About Life Among the Ex-Orthodox

Tuvia Tenenbom thought he might escape the gloom of strife-torn Jerusalem by spending an uplifting evening with those who have left the Orthodox world. Boy, was he wrong.

Lee Scott

British Lawmaker Gets 'Dirty Pig' Death Threats for Being Jewish

A member of Britain’s Parliament said he has received death threats because he is Jewish.

What Would Tevye Say (About Santa Claus)?

Kate Haas’s own mother adhered to Christmas traditions with the fervor of Tevye the milkman. What should she teach her own Jewish children about the holiday season?

Gertrude Weill Klein’s Socialist Yikhes

Welcome to Throwback Thursday, a weekly photo feature in which we sift 116 years of Forward history to find snapshots of women’s lives.