Shmaltz Brewing Co. Gets Funky With New ‘Jewbelation’

Jeremy Cowan has come a long way from driving around the Bay Area selling his beer out of his grandmother’s Volvo.

For Shabbat, a Flower Ritual of Her Own

A late-in-life convert to Judaism, C.A. Blomquist had been searching for a private ritual to celebrate Shabbat. And then she walked by her neighborhood flower stall.

Yulia Brodskaya Puts Her Stamp on Love for Valentine's Day

Take a closer look at that love stamp on your Valentines Day cards, because this year it’s not your typical cherub. Jewish artist Yulia Brodskaya designed the whimsical heart in the 2016 edition using her own spin on the ancient technique of quilling.

Israel Wants to Know: Is Beyonce Coming to Perform?

There’s a rumor spreading like wildfire that Beyonce’s Formation tour will have a stop over in the Holy Land. But die hard Israeli fans want to know, is Queen Bey really coming?


That Time John Kasich Tried to Ban a Coen Brothers Movie From Blockbuster

Not everyone is a fan of the Coen Brothers, but presidential candidate John Kasich went above and beyond trying to ban ‘Fargo’ from Blockbuster.

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