Woody Allen’s Sidekick Tony Roberts Shares All in New Book

There’s a memorable scene in “Annie Hall” when Woody Allen’s character, Alvy Singer, rants about finding anti-Semites everywhere he goes.


Drawing Out the Secret World of New Yorker Cartoonists

The HBO documentary “Very Semi-Serious” focuses on the world of cartoonists, particularly its cartoon editor Bob Mankoff. Britta Lokting takes a look behind the scenes.

Wheat, Whiskey and Women

Why the amber elixer is the perfect (and feminist) drink for Tu B’Shvat.

When David Bowie Was Welcomed to America — by His 'Adoptive' Jewish Family

David Bowie didn’t start his first trip to the United States with a drug-filled party or a wild show, but with a quiet evening at the home of a Maryland Jewish family.

Trailblazing Rabbi Lila Kagedan Should Be Judged by Her Work — Not Title

Sure, it’s important that an Orthodox woman who uses the title rabbi was hired by a synagogue. But ultimately, the title is only a label. More important is the work that she does, and will do.

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