How to Create Simple, Delicious ‘Bowls of Plenty’

The new book ‘Bowls of Plenty’ offers the idea of compiling meals from a combination of fresh and cooked ingredients and experimenting with a variety of flavor combinations.

The Secret to Perfect Falafel

Here’s how to make the most crisp falafel imaginable — and turn it into a delicious meal of pomegranate tabbouleh with crunchy falafel, baba-g and tahini sauce.


Reclusive Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter Suing Over Stolen DNA

For a recluse, particularly a powerful and wealthy businessman, all theft is an immense transgression – even the theft of DNA.

Is This Sugarcane Plantation ‘America’s Auschwitz’?

The Whitney Plantation has been called “America’s Auschwitz,” and the story it tells shows parallels between the Jewish and African-American experiences.

A Jewish Mother Reports from the Enormous Los Angeles Women’s March

The most apt handmade sign read, “You’re so vain, you probably think this march is about you!”

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