The Jewiest Christmas Movie Ever, Brought To You By Seth Rogen

‘Made by Jews, is about Christmas, and opens on Thanksgiving.’ Seth Rogen’s new movie promises more than the traditional Yuletide Chinese food.


What Michael Cohen Doesn't Understand About Rape — Or the Talmud

When Donald Trump’s top aide Michael Cohen said, ‘You cannot rape your spouse,’ he should have first consulted his law books — and the Talmud.


How About Some Anti-Semitism With That Reddit Toaster?

A Redditor showing off his DIY toaster decided to use the opportunity to share a truly anti-Semitic cartoon. What does this mean for Reddit’s credibility as a safe space?


Why Young Women Are Leaning In Between

Much to older feminists’ chagrin, young mothers are planning career pauses more than ever before. Miriam Levine argues why planning ahead isn’t leaning out – it’s being realistic.

5 Reasons Adam Sandler Went From Fame to Lame

It’s been flop after flop for Adam Sandler. How did his box office career go from $4 billion in ticket sales to ice cold? We break it down.

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