Benjamin Netanyahu Compares Congress Speech With Trip to Paris After Terror

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel will do everything it can to prevent the world powers from signing a “bad and dangerous” deal with Iran over its nuclear program.


Mideast 'Quartet' Urges Restart of Peace Talks

The “Quartet” of Middle East peace mediators urged a prompt resumption of talks between Israel and the Palestinians after a meeting in Munich on Sunday and voiced concern about the slow pace of reconstruction in Gaza, damaged in last year’s war.


Bob Dylan, Known for Silence on Stage, Speaks for 40 Minutes at Tribute

Bob Dylan, known for playing concerts with barely a word spoken to his audience, gave a lengthy speech on Friday at a gala in his honor where he chronicled the roots of his music while also praising and ribbing famous figures.

Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It: Helmut Schmidt’s father was the illegitimate son of a German-Jewish businessman.

Was Helmut Schmidt ‘Contaminated by Nazi Ideology’

Longtime Chancellor Helmut Schmidt is often lauded as a liberal German unifier. A new book says he was an enthusiastic Nazi supporter — who may have hid his Jewish roots.

Je N’Accuse Plus: A scene from the 1931 film ‘Dreyfus’ shows the discovery of the letter which finally proved the innocence of Alfred Dreyfus.

Je Suis Dreyfus

The terror attacks in Paris remind Jenna Weissman Joselit of another infamous event in French Jewish history: the Dreyfus affair.