You Can’t Eat Pepperoni Pizza?

SHORT, SERIOUS ANSWER: “No, because it’s pork, and because we don’t eat meat with milk, so we don’t eat meat with cheese.”

What Exactly Can You Eat If You Keep Kosher?

SHORT, SERIOUS ANSWER: “There are levels of keeping kosher. For the non-Orthodox, the laws really aren’t that restrictive once you get used to it.”

What’s With the Two Dishwashers?

SHORT, SERIOUS ANSWER: “Having two sets of dishes and two dishwashers keeps anything that touches meat and milk products separate.”

How To Listen to Tchaikovsky While Looking Past His Anti-Semitism

A cache of letters written by Tchaikovsky reveals some startling bigotry. But were his views as offensive as Richard Wagner’s?


How Uri Geller Convinced the CIA of His Psychic Powers — in 1973

(JTA) — Uri Geller, an Israel-born celebrity who claims to have paranormal telepathic powers, convinced CIA researchers in the 1970s that he indeed possessed such abilities. Famed for his spoon-bending skills, Geller underwent a week of experiments at the Stanford Research Institute in 1973, according to a report Thursday on Sky News based on 800,000…

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