I’m a Proud Jew — But Sometimes I ‘Pass’ as Not Jewish

By most accounts, I am not a self-hating Jew. Yet I sometimes keep quiet about my identity.


50 Years After His Death, Lenny Bruce’s Spirit Lives On

Lenny Bruce, one of the funniest and most controversial comics who ever lived, died 50 years ago of a drug overdone in August, 1966. This somber anniversary inspires this joyous celebration of Bruce’s life.

The Lessons They Didn’t Teach Me on Birthright

Birthright is intended to forge a relationship between young Jews and Israel. But in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, Talya Zax finds Birthright’s lessons a good deal more complicated.


How a Talmud Class Helped Save My Marriage

A deeply-wounded marriage of 36 years is aided, surprisingly, when a couple attends Talmud classes together.

In Globe’s ‘Merchant of Venice,’ Shylock is The Victim

At Lincoln Center Festival, the Globe Theatre’s “The Merchant of Venice” transformed its source text into a play that was about anti-Semitism, not anti-Semitic itself.

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