Paul Krassner Celebrates Abbie Hoffman’s 80th and Remembers Dropping Acid With Groucho

Abbie Hoffman would have turned 80 today. Fellow Yippie Paul Krassner remembers the good old days—which include dropping acid with Groucho Marx.

Ben Zion Shenker, a Master of Melodies, Made from Music a Life of Meaning

Shenker was a master of melodies. And around the Sabbath and holiday table — not to mention at weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and happy occasions of every type — Shenker’s melodies permeate the air. They are, in fact, so thoroughly ubiquitous that we often don’t realize their provenance.

Mandatory Fetus-Funerals Coming to Texas

I would like to know the secular justification for compelling medical facilities to treat fetal tissue like people.


Eagerly Awaiting Adam Sandler’s Next Version of “The Chanukah Song”

While we eagerly await the next version of Adam Sandler’s “The Chanukah Song,” here’s a video of the previous iteration, released around this time last year.

Three Crazy Ways That Israelis Have Desecrated Their Flag

Earlier yesterday morning, Donald Trump tweeted that he would like to outlaw the burning of the American flag. We wrote an article about the tweet that detailed the long and unsuccessful history of American flag burning legislation as well as the Israeli flag desecration laws and their recent ramp up in severity (among other changes, the penalty for desecrating the flag has jumped from a one year maximum to a three year maximum).

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