A New Take On An Old Heist, And More To Read, Watch, And Do This Weekend

Sometimes we all feel the need to throw off constraints; some just do so with greater grandiosity and humor than others.

What’s With The Last-Minute Passover-Getaway Cancellations?

At least three Pesach trips have been cancelled at the last minute.

In Defense Of White Tablecloths

I don’t own a tablecloth and I sometimes, more often than I care to publicly admit, use paper towels instead of napkins. But I have come to see my aesthetic slippage as part of a cultural adjustment that replaced rules with convenience.

What Is It With The Government And The Holocaust?

A State Department Historian recently published an article in an academic Holocaust journal that has some scholars upset.


WATCH: How To Veganize Your Passover Seder

Comedian Carol Leifer teamed up with PETA to show you how to deliciously veganize your Passover Seder.

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