Me and Patti Smith and Andy Warhol and 1970's New York and Me

Back in the 1970’s, Neal Pollack was living with Robert Mapplethorpe, Joey Ramone, Patti Smith and Lou Reed at the Chelsea Hotel. He remembers the old days fondly, though his memory tends to get a bit fuzzy with the details.

When Modesty Endangers Women’s Lives

A new campaign is attempting to educate Haredi women about breast cancer.


You Can Dance With Mensch on a Bench for Hanukkah

Toymaker Neal Hoffman has four words for Jewish parents facing the “December Dilemma” of Christmas envy: Mensch on a Bench.

Mitzvah Accomplished

Even for those who have left the faith, rituals can still exert a powerful force. For memoirist Chaya Deitsch, author of “Here and There,” the performance of a mitzvah brings back fond recollections.


How a Jewish Woman and a Kenyan Man Are Trying To Save the World Together

Jessica Posner and Kennedy Odede are trying to bring hope, education and resources to Africa’s biggest slum. ‘It’s powerful to share a dream together,’ she says.

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