Jason Segel Talks to Marc Maron About Growing Up Half-Jewish

Actor Jason Segel — best known as the star of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “How I Met Your Mother” — opened up on Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast this week about growing up half-Jewish and complete outsider.

I'm Here To Perform Yiddish Music — Not Cater to Your Idea of Blackness

Anthony Russell loves performing classical Yiddish music. Performing his Jewish audiences’ conventional idea of blackness? Not so much.


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Jews

Museums don’t typically take unequivocal stands on the question of the literal truth of the Bible. But the National Geographic Society’s new exhibit does just that: It declares the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail to be fictional objects of our imagination.


Should We Judge Woody Allen's Relationship With Soon-Yi Previn?

In a recent National Public Radio interview, Woody Allen spoke out about his controversial relationship with wife Soon-Yi Previn. Madison Margolin asks: who are we to judge them?


Get Ready for a 'Daily Show' That's 75% Less Jewish

Trevor Noah will be a lot different from Jon Stewart. But the South African-born comic says he knows he has big shoes to fill — and, hey, he’s one-quarter Jewish.

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