Serious Workout: The author at the live-to-tape production of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on January 21, 2015.

Behind the Small Screen at Jon Stewart's Gig

Scoring tickets for Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ is just the start of some serious business. Anna Goldenberg chronicles a day-long struggle of paranoia, exercise and swooning.

Observant Women Break Taboos On Facebook

A recently created Facebook page has become the place to vent and discuss the intersection of feminism and Jewish life in Israel.

Bacon Scratch-and-Sniff Lottery Tickets Are Here!

What’s better than winning $1,000? Pocketing the cash while smelling bacon. New Hampshire has launched a special ‘I Heart Bacon’ scratch-and-sniff lottery game.

6 Things Barack Would Rather Do Than Meet Bibi

Look’s like Barack Obama will have some time on his hands when Benjamin Netanyahu comes to town. Here’s 6 things he’d rather be doing than hanging out with his best frenemy.

Jewish Businessman Shot Dead in Ukraine

A Ukrainian Jewish businessman was shot dead in Lviv.