POEM: '10/20/07'

4 Israeli Arab Parties Unite for Election

Four political parties that mostly represent Israel’s Arab minority have decided to run together in elections on March 17, creating a potential counter-weight to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing allies.

Benjamin Netanyahu's Shocking 'Invite-Gate' Gambit — Will Snubbing Barack Obama Pay Off?

Benjamin Netanyahu threw caution to the wind by going behind Barack Obama’s back and agreeing to speak to the GOP Congress. Will the gamble blow up in his face?

Dead Sea Scroll Linen III

Retracing Ancient Jewish Threads

Gail Rothschild uses cloth from the Qumran Caves to explore her Jewish identity in a new exhibit, ‘Portraits of Ancient Linen.’

Miss Israel Speaks Out on Selfie-gate!

Miss Israel Doron Matalon, who took a controversial photobomb selfie with Miss Lebanon, hopes some good will come out of the Miss Universe snafu.