Barack Obama Won't Meet Benjamin Netanyahu During Congress Speech Trip

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Thursday he will address the U.S. Congress during a March visit likely to drive home differences with the Obama administration over whether to impose additional sanctions on Tehran.

Selma and the Dangers of Jewish Entitlement

Chanel Dubofsky argues that the demand for Jews to be included in ‘Selma’ parallels the demand of white men to be included in other people’s narratives.

Mossad Urges U.S. Lawmakers To Oppose Iran Sanctions

The Israeli Mossad intelligence agency has reportedly urged United States senators to vote against placing additional sanctions on Iran.

Lutz Bachmann

German Far Right Leader Quits Over 'Hitler' Selfies

The head of a growing anti-immigrant, anti-Islam movement in Germany stepped down under pressure after photos of him dressed as Hitler appeared in the country’s most popular daily.

Three of Diamonds: Gina Nahai, Dalia Sofer and Roya Hakakian.

How Iranian-Jewish Women Started a Writers' Revolution

Most of the 80,000 or so Jews living in Iran fled after the 1979 Islamic revolution. But their history and culture still imbue the works of writers like Roya Hakakian, Dalia Sofer, Gina Nahai.