'Get' Divorce Drama Scores Golden Globes Nod

An Israeli film that scrutinizes Israel’s heavily slanted divorce laws has been nominated for the Golden Globes as one of the Best Foreign Language Films.

POEM: 'Zohar'

Peanut Butter Gelt Cookies for Hanukkah

In ancient Israel, minting coins expressed Hanukkah’s message of freedom. Making these peanut butter treats is a modern way to celebrate the festival of lights.

Swift Changes Taylor Swift did not perform at the New Republic’s centennial gala.

Welcome to The New Republic — Taylor Swift's Been Waiting For You

The recent purge at The New Republic put a rare bright spotlight on the magazine of ideas. Neal Pollack looks back at its, umm, storied history — and its future.

Arms Around the World: Tenenbom embraces some new friends at Hillel, an organization dedicated to helping ex-Haredi Jews.

Everything He Wanted To Know About Life Among the Ex-Orthodox

Tuvia Tenenbom thought he might escape the gloom of strife-torn Jerusalem by spending an uplifting evening with those who have left the Orthodox world. Boy, was he wrong.