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The Liqueur-Making Jews of Curacao

The oldest continually active Jewish congregation in the Americas? Hint: Check your margarita glass.

Reduced to Rubble: Palestinians inspect damage at a historic mosque destroyed in an Israeli attack.

Hamas Denies Holding Soldier — Claims Ambush Came Before Gaza Truce Took Effect

Hamas claimed responsibility on Saturday for a deadly Gaza Strip ambush in which an Israeli army officer may have been captured, but said the incident likely preceded and therefore had not violated a U.S.- and U.N.-sponsored truce.

Why Are There So Few Men in Jewish Nursery School Classrooms?

Teaching at preschools is among the most gender-segregated professions in the United States: 97.8% of teachers are female. And Jewish day schools are no exception.

Barack Obama Calls for Gaza Truce — Backs John Kerry Push

President Barack Obama on Friday called on Hamas and Palestinian factions to release a captured Israeli soldier as a precondition for resolving tensions between Israel and Palestinians and said efforts would be made to re-establish a ceasefire that has collapsed.

Yochanan Gordon

Pro-Genocide Opinion Piece Pulled From Jewish Papers

The Times of Israel and the 5 Towns Jewish Times removed a blog post calling for genocide to be considered as an option in the Gaza conflict and the Times of Israel dropped the blogger.