Was Lou Reed A Lot More Jewish Than We Thought He Was?

Now that Lou Reed’s archives are headed for the New York Public Library, expect to learn a lot more about Reed’s Jewish influences and philosophy.

Israeli Group Sets Up ‘Shelters’ For Jewish Women Leaving Arab Boyfriends

An Israeli group opposed to relationships between Jews and Arabs has set up two “shelters” to assist Jewish women in leaving their Arab male partners.

Richard Spencer Quotes A Jewish, Gay Composer When Trying To Invoke Nazis

Richard Spencer was trying to invoke Nazis, but instead he quoted a Jewish, gay composer — and got called out by a liberal Jewish politician.

My Guinea Pig’s Bar Mitzvah: What We Learned

My daughter was set on giving her guinea pig a bar mitzvah. It was harder work than we thought.

How A Funny Jewish Game Called Rummikub Became An International Sensation

In the 1970’s Rummikub emerged from nowhere to international stardom. Barry Joseph explains the Jewish origins of the funny Jewish tile game.

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