Eat, Drink + Think

Vegetables Are the New Bacon at Dirt Candy

Amanda Cohen, the owner of New York’s Dirt Candy, talks about her favorite Jewish food memories and how vegetables may just be the new bacon.

Better Days: Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu chat in White House.

Did Barack Obama Have 'Harsh' Phone Chat With Benjamin Netanyahu Over Gaza?

U.S. and Israeli officials sharply denied an account of a tense conversation between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

No Place Like ‘Home’: Marilynne Robinson recently appeared with fellow author Nam Le at an international writer’s festival in Jerusalem.

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Marilynne Robinson Discusses Her First Trip to Israel

Prize-winning author Marilynne Robinson talks about how it felt to see Israel as a tangible landscape for the first time, what she thinks about BDS and how her trip will inform her future writing.

'Jews Who Rock' Only Scratches Surface of Fame and Faith

‘Jews Who Rock’ is a new exhibit that takes a one-size-fits all approach to musicians who are members of the tribe. Too bad it barely scratches the surface of their relationships to Judaism.

Three Israeli Contractors Behind Iron Dome Were Hit By Chinese Hackers

Three Israeli defense contractors behind the Iron Dome missile shield and related systems were robbed of hundreds of documents by hackers linked to the Chinese government starting in 2011, a U.S.-based computer forensics expert said on Tuesday.

British Supermarket Chain To Stop Carrying West Bank Products

The largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom has announced that it will cease to sell products sourced in the West Bank by September.