9 Palestinian Films Everyone Should See

Palestinian national cinema is a relatively young, and has thrived despite the absence of statehood. Here are 9 films that can help you get up to speed on this nascent genre.

Anthropologists Won't Oppose Israel Boycott

The American Anthropological Association rejected a proposed resolution that would oppose the academic boycott of Israel.

German Court Tosses 1944 Nazi Massacre Case Against 89-Year-Old

A German court has thrown out a case against a Cologne man for his alleged involvement in the June 1944 massacre of hundreds of civilians in France.

You'll Never Guess What Natalie Portman's Alias Is

Celebrities — they’re just like us. They grocery shop, they pay bills, they travel. Only, unlike you and me, they use utterly ridiculous names to complete these mundane plebeian tasks.

Palestinians Upgrade Status at International Criminal Court

The Palestinians have become a non-state observer at the International Criminal Court based in The Hague.