The Seder Plate in a Glass

Our drinks columnist asks whether four cups of wine should preclude a pre-Seder cocktail hour — and answers by designing a Passover-themed martini.

How Wendy Wasserstein and Heidi Holland Remade the World

Wendy Wasserstein’s landmark 1980s play ‘The Heidi Chronicles’ is so sharp, funny and insightful that it doesn’t feel dated. Jesse Oxfeld heralds its return to Broadway.

What Bibi Really Wants To Tell You

Want to know what Benjamin Netanyahu really wants to say? Jesse Lempel offers an unvarnished version of the Israeli premier’s message to American Jews.

Mayim Bialik: 'UCLA Isn't Anti-Semitic'

The incidents at UCLA have spurred accusations that the university is anti-Semitic. Mayim Bialik defends her alma mater, and points to a larger problem: anti-Semitism is everywhere.

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