PHOTOS: Capturing a 1970s Borscht Belt Singles' Weekend

Winter may be upon us, but things are heating up in these pictures of a 1970s singles’ weekend in the Catskills. Elyssa Goodman chats with the photographer — her mother.

Beth Alexander with her twin sons.

One Jewish Mother's International Custody Fight

Beth Alexander lost a custody fight with the Austrian father of their twin boys. Now the British mother is enlisting the community’s support in her battle.

Was Eichmann Trial 'Most Important TV Event'?

More than any other event, the trial of Adolf Eichmann brought the Holocaust to the attention of the world. And, argues a new BBC drama, that was all thanks to the power of television.

Celebrating a Gluten-Free Kosher Cookbook

A photographer, world traveler and chef, transplanted from New York to San Francisco, celebrates her new book with a floating party and new friends.

White House Blindsided by Netanyahu Decision To Address Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has agreed to address Congress on Iran. So why didn’t he inform President Obama about his visit to Washington?