U.S. May Back 'Palestine' Statehood Push

The Obama administration might be open to lending its support to the UN Security Council’s resolution that would define the principle for a two-state solution as based on Israel’s 1967 borders, a senior White House official told The New York Times. The move would come in response to Netanyahu’s withdrawal of his support for the establishing of a Palestinian state as expressed in his Bar Ilan speech in 2009.


Jerusalem Cinematheque and Film Festival Founder Lia Van Leer Dies at 90

Lia Van Leer, who founded the Haifa and Jerusalem Cinematheque as well as the Israeli Film Archive and Jerusalem Film Festival, has died at age 90. Benjamin Ivry remembers the considerable imprint she left on Israeli cinema.

14 Brisket Quotations From a Braised-Meat Maven

‘Brisket Book’ author Stephanie Pierson is not just a collector of recipes — she also has quite a collection of quotations about everybody’s favorite braised meat.


Delving Into the FBI's Jewish Files

In honor of Sunshine Week, we delve into the FBI’s Jewish files — with some interesting finds, from memos on Prohibition-era gangsters to 1,500 pages on Albert Einstein.


Zombies, Jews and Aliens — A Q&A With Lavie Tidhar

Forget Iran and anti-Semitism. Lavie Tidhar’s newly released short-story anthologies ‘Jews Versus Aliens’ and ‘Jews Versus Zombies,’ have Jews literally taking on a whole new world of challenges.

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