Everything You Wanted To Know About Menorahs But Were Afraid To Ask

Steven Fine, author of “The Menorah: From the Bible to Modern Israel,” has written a history that’s uniquely suited to this Hannukah season.

How My Subversive Hanukkah Bush Is Part of the War on Christmas

Putting up a Hanukkah bush isn’t a sign of assimilation; for Daniel J. Solomon, it’s actually a subversive act.


Links for Later: Chrismukkah Edition

Let us now ponder “abundant flower arrangements.”

5 Must-See TV Shows in 2017

Time to borrow your roommate/best friend/significant other/random work colleague’s Netflix password.

‘Hannah the Hanukkah Hero’ Toy: Festive Feminist Role Model or Watered-Down Judaica?

At first glance, Hannah the Hanukkah Hero is a great Jewish doll for a generation of children that has grown up singing along with feisty animated female leads.

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