Does This Mean You’re, Like Totally Orthodox?

SHORT, SERIOUS ANSWER: Either, “Yup, totally Orthodox!” Or “I keep kosher, but of the three main levels of Judaism, Orthodox, Conservative and Reform, I’d consider myself…” whichever the case may be.

You Can’t Eat Pepperoni Pizza?

SHORT, SERIOUS ANSWER: “No, because it’s pork, and because we don’t eat meat with milk, so we don’t eat meat with cheese.”

What Exactly Can You Eat If You Keep Kosher?

SHORT, SERIOUS ANSWER: “There are levels of keeping kosher. For the non-Orthodox, the laws really aren’t that restrictive once you get used to it.”

What’s With the Two Dishwashers?

SHORT, SERIOUS ANSWER: “Having two sets of dishes and two dishwashers keeps anything that touches meat and milk products separate.”

How To Listen to Tchaikovsky While Looking Past His Anti-Semitism

A cache of letters written by Tchaikovsky reveals some startling bigotry. But were his views as offensive as Richard Wagner’s?

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