Mimicking the GOP, Naftali Bennett's Lady-Themed Ad Is Not a Good Thing

You’re right Naftali Bennett. Never mind other issues that may concern the female electorate such as national security, or the economy. The only way to get through to us is to compare voting to dating.

Stephen Fry To Marry 27-Year-Old Comedian

The best British Jewish comedian you’ve only kind of heard of, Stephen Fry, is tying the knot with 27-year-old partner Elliott Spencer.

Israel Independence Declaration Preserved for Future

Israel’s Declaration of Independence was photographed using special technology to preserve it for future generations.

Bess Myerson, Bel Kaufman and Masha Leon

A Miss America Who Remembered Her Yiddish Roots

Bess Myerson was more than just a leggy, musically talented performer. Masha Leon remembers a woman who never forgot her Yiddish roots.

Five Quotes From Bess Myerson, The Only Jewish Miss America

Bess Myerson, who died last month at the age of 90, was once described as ”the closest thing to a bona fide intellectual ever to cross a stage in a bathing suit.”