Einstein to Marie Curie: 'Ignore the Trolls'

Trolls are the worst. Even Einstein said so. A recently discovered letter has the iconic physicist giving some wise advice to Marie Curie. The gist? Haters gonna hate.

'Hunt for Jews' Wins Yad Vashem Book Award

Prof. Jan Grabowski of the University of Ottawa in Canada was awarded the 2014 Yad Vashem International Book Prize for Holocaust Research.

Time to Make the Doughnuts

When an Israeli friend emailed Gayle Squires his recipe for sufganiyot, she decided to try her hand at something she’d never done before: She fried.

Untold Story of the First Jewish Lynching in America

The first Jew lynched in America was a man you’ve never heard of. His name was Samuel Bierfield — and Paul Berger went to Tennessee to find his riveting, untold story.

Splendid Sufganiyot, Step by Step

After making jelly doughnuts for the first time, Gayle L. Squires decided to share her new-found knowledge.