HomeLands: 'A Shtetl in Manhattan'

The Forward’s new HomeLands series takes you inside the lives of Letty Cottin Pogrebin and her husband, Bert. They met on Fire Island 52 years ago — and never looked back.

Israel's State-Sanctioned Adultery Blacklist

The Israeli rabbinate includes hundreds of women accused of adultery on a blacklist that blocks them from marrying again. That’s a blatant violation of human rights, argues lawyer Susan Weiss.


Remembering the Jews of Kent State, 45 Years Later

45 years ago today, the Ohio National Guard shot into a crowd of protesters at Kent State University, killing four unarmed students. Three of them were Jewish.


9 Jewish Things About Star Wars

OK, we’re a couple of hours late. But in between popcorn breaks during your annual May 4 ‘Star Wars’ marathon, check out these 9 Jewish facts about the beloved sci-fi franchise.


Why I'm Protesting PEN's Award For Charlie Hebdo

PEN America will be awarding the Freedom of Expression Courage Award to Charlie Hebdo. Joshua Furst explains why he’s joining the protest against the honor.

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