If 'Downton Abbey' Were Jewish

Set against the backdrop of an English country estate, Natasha Solomons’s new novel tells saga of a Jewish family beset by family conflict, love and grief.

Traveling While Treyf

Our formerly frum columnist is now traipsing around the globe without fear of forbidden foods.


First Woman Orthodox 'Rabbi' Is Hired by Synagogue

The first graduate of Yeshivat Maharat to take the title “rabbi” said she has been hired by an unnamed American Orthodox synagogue.


They Were the Good Kids on the Lower East Side

In the old days of the Lower East Side, there were pushcarts, bootleggers, hot corn and knife sharpeners. 95-year-old Julius Shapiro and his sisters Peshie and Esther remember it all in a lively and hilarious conversation.


7 Strangest Jewish Jokes on 'New Girl'

Fans like to call “Seinfeld” one of the most-Jewish sitcoms of all time, even though it makes so few explicitly Jewish references.

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