Protesting an Anti-Immigration Bill, and More Forward Looking Back

The reality remains that anyone who supports free immigration must fight the bill’s passage.

The Fishy Jewish History of Britain’s Smoked Salmon Business

Smoked salmon was brought to the United Kingdom by East European Jewish immigrants who were fleeing the pogroms of Ukraine, Russia and Poland.

Some Smokin’ Scottish Salmon Stats

The extent to which smoked salmon became popular in the U.K. would probably be surprising to the Jews who originally introduced it there.

How to Tell the Difference: Norwegian vs. Scottish Salmon

Once you know what to look for, you can easily identify smoked salmon by color, texture and flavor.

Israeli Court Ruling Gives Women Long-Sought Access to ‘Sacred Space’ at Western Wall

The Kotel was always meant to be shared by all Jews, no matter gender, observance, or affiliation.

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