Herzog Calls Netanyahu To Concede Defeat in Israel’s Elections

Zionist Union head Isaac Herzog called Benjamin Netanyahu and conceded defeat in Israel’s national elections.

VIDEO: How to Make the Best Boozy Brisket

Watch how easy it is to transform a tough lump of protein into the most tender, comforting and tasty of holiday dishes. All it takes is long, slow cooking — and a bottle of wine.

Here's Who Should Watch 'The Cobbler'

‘The Cobbler,’ in which Adam Sandler stars as a Jewish cobbler with magical powers, received dismal reviews. Perhaps that’s because it hasn’t found its audience.

Not Your Bubbe's Brooklyn

‘Brooklynite,’ a new superhero musical based on characters created by Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman, has arrived. But is it a nuanced look at gentrification or a symptom of it?

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