9 Jewish Things About Star Wars

OK, we’re a couple of hours late. But in between popcorn breaks during your annual May 4 ‘Star Wars’ marathon, check out these 9 Jewish facts about the beloved sci-fi franchise.


Why I'm Protesting PEN's Award For Charlie Hebdo

PEN America will be awarding the Freedom of Expression Courage Award to Charlie Hebdo. Joshua Furst explains why he’s joining the protest against the honor.

Why the '60s Were the Most Interesting Decade After All

They say that if you remember the ’60s, you weren’t really there. But in his new memoir, rock critic Richard Goldstein offers an incisive, lyrical view of the decade.

New Bushwick Coffee Shop Owners 86 the Anti-Semitism

Our former food intern had to abandon her local coffee shop after its owner made an ugly online rant. Her return feels sweet indeed.


Artichokes Any Which Way

Liza Schoenfein celebrates artichoke season with two different dishes: a light salad and a spring vegetable stew.

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