Live-Blogging Jewishly in a Weird Evangelical Christian World

Do God-hating liberals have American values in their crosshairs? Jay Michaelson live-blogs the evangelical documentary ‘One Generation Away,’ so you don’t have to watch it.

Designed: Honoree designer Jacques Grange with gallery owner Barbara Gladstone.

French Acclaim for Entrepreneurs

Bon soir and bienvenue!Marie-Monique Steckel president of Alliance Francaise (FIAF) welcomed the black tie and stunningly gowned international assemblage at The Plaza for its packed 2014 gala.

Two Decadent New Year's Desserts

This is the last chance for indulgence before diet season kicks in, so here are two delicious desserts that go perfectly with New Year’s fun.

Palestinian Convicted in Kidnap Murders of 3 Teens

An Israeli military court has convicted the alleged leader of the terrorist cell that kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers in June.