Diners, Iran and Jews, with Chuck Schumer

MSNBC took Senator Chuck Schumer out for breakfast to talk about the Iran deal. But Jon Stewart points out that the choice of venue, a diner, was a rookie mistake.

Is Orthodox World Really To Blame for Faigy Mayer's Suicide?

Faigy Mayer is not the only ex-Hasidic person to struggle with personal demons. Allison Kaplan Sommer asks if its fair to blame her family or the ultra-Orthodox community for her suicide.


6 Artists You Didn't Know Used Yiddish, From Elvis to Public Enemy

Yiddish in a Public Enemy album? You better believe it. Whether they know it or not, popular musicians have a long history of using Yiddish idioms in their songs. We’ve got the list here.


In the Land of Milk and Honey, Israelis Turn Vegan

Nana Shrier decided to take all animal products off the menu of her Georgian restaurant in Tel Aviv, in response to a vegan trend that is taking hold in Israel.


Vegetarian Recipes for the 9 Days - and Beyond

We gathered a sumptuous sampling of meatless recipes from our food section, so you’d have them all in one place — for the Nine Days and beyond.

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