Jeffrey Tambor Triumphs at SAG Awards, Where Oscar’s Diversity Problem Was the Buzz

Everyone was talking about diversity at the Screen Actors Guild Awards Saturday night, with Oscar’s shutout of black actors. But the SAGs had their own diversity issue for the Jews: Other than Jeffrey Tambor, there was a dearth of tribe members in both winners and nominees.

Why We Want Our Plantings To Be Like Us

In his column, “My Heretical Year,” Shulem Deen ponders the month of Shevat and the “New Year for the Trees,” and contemplates the question of how we convey our Jewishness to future generations.

Improvising on Tradition, With a Vegan Backbeat

A musician-slash-chef in Oakland, California, has just come out with his first cookbook, ‘Notes From an Underground Restaurant: Improvisations Through Food and Music.’

The Secret Identity in My Spam Folder

We all have a secret self, one we live out in private. For Neal Gabler, that self — which awaits dream jobs and Powerball winnings‚ lives in his spam folder.

Kosher Food Easy To Find at Disney

As religiously observant Jews know, going on vacation can take a lot of work. But if they’re traveling to Orlando, they needn’t worry.

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