Senator Threatens Aid Cut to Palestinians Over ICC 'War Crimes' Case

The Palestinians could lose annual U.S. aid if they file a lawsuit against Israel at the International Criminal Court which they joined this month over American and Israeli protests, a senior U.S. Republican senator said on Monday.

Emma Sulkowitz

Anti-Rape Activist Emma Sulkowicz Gets SOTU Invite

Emma Sulkowicz, whose decision to carry a mattress all around Columbia to protest campus rape made headlines earlier this year, will be attending the State of the Union.

Pamela Adlon Gets Her Own Pilot, Directed By Louis C.K.

After years spent spicing up other people’s shows, comedian Pamela Adlon is finally getting her own chance to shine. FX has picked up her pilot, ‘Better Things,’ directed by Louis C.K.

6 Things You Didn't Know About Miss Israel Doron Matalon

Miss Israel made internet waves when she photobombed Miss Lebanon. Here are 6 things you didn’t know about Doron Matalon as she aims for the Miss Universe crown.

When Dylan Does It Better Than Sinatra (Assuming You Don't Care For Sinatra)

Bob Dylan’s forthcoming album ‘Shadows in the Night’ features covers of Frank Sinatra tunes. Adam Langer says the Bard brings a haunting quality to ‘Stay With Me’ that Sinatra lacked.