Israel Freezes $125M in Palestinian Cash To Retaliate for ICC Move

Israel has decided to freeze a monthly revenue transfer to the Palestinians in response to President Mahmoud Abbas’s approach to the International Criminal Court and other international agencies, an Israeli official said on Saturday.

Mentored By Heidegger: Herbert Marcuse was raised in an assimilated Berlin family which nevertheless celebrated his bar mitzvah.

Deconstructing the Jewishness of the Frankfurt School

The thinkers of the Frankfurt School of critical theory were predominantly Jewish. But how did their Jewishness affect Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno and friends?

When Mario Cuomo Did Grossinger's — With Ed Koch

Masha Leon recalls meeting Mario Cuomo for the first time at Grossinger’s in the Catskills. Not surprisingly, he made a haimish pitch for the Jewish vote.

Israel 'Deeply Disappointed' at French U.N. Vote for Palestinian Statehood Deadline

Israel’s government said it was “deeply disappointed” in France’s U.N. Security Council vote for Palestinian statehood.

Congress Warns Palestinians Over International Criminal Court Move

Republican and Democratic lawmakers in Congress said there would be repercussions for the Palestinian Authority in the wake of its joining the International Criminal Court.