WATCH: The Tiniest Victims of Passover Cleaning

If you are a breadcrumb in an observant home, your luck just ran out.

In Trump’s America, These 10 Projects And Organizations Are Endangered

Donald Trump’s budget has targeted the NEA, the NEH and the CPB. Here’s a closer look at exactly who those cuts might be affecting.

What A Pleasure It Is To Feel Lost On Passover

Sometimes in the holiday season, we can feel lost. And in this lovely essay, Simon Feuerman explains how dreadful and lovely that feeling can be.

10 Reasons To Love Rachel Bloom On Her 30th Birthday

Everything culture has made synonymous with being a Jewish woman, Rachel Bloom has made cool, funny, and sexy. Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Protesting Trump, ‘1984’ To Screen In Theaters Around The World

References to George Orwell’s dystopian classic “1984” have proliferated since the inauguration of President Trump.

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