The GOP Picked a Hypocritical Moment For an Anti-Porn Crusade

Long before #goldenshowersgate, we had abundant evidence of Trump’s troubling past with women and girls.


Watch Rachel Bloom and Patti LuPone Dance the Hora on ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

Patti LuPone, the hora and a song about Jewish guilt. What could be better?

German Court Ponders Whether Synagogue-Burning Is Always Anti-Semitic, Decides Nah

That this terrible crime occurred in Germany feels weighty and symbolic but is maybe irrelevant, at least when it comes to the crime itself.


This Israeli Fashion Photographer Is Making a Star-Studded Splash in America

The 41-year-old Israeli is on a quest to climb up the Hollywood ladder and shoot the biggest names in the entertainment business.

Why We Should All Read This Russian Newspaper To Understand America

The Moscow Times offers us a welcome dose of context and level-headedness in our frightening times

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