Lost Horizon? In 1821, a Moroccan businessman named Moses Levy tried to create a utopian refuge for Europe’s persecuted Jews in Micanopy, Florida.

The Small Florida Town That Could Have Been a Jewish Utopia

Micanopy is a tiny town with a few restaurants and a lot of antique shops. Back in the 19th century, a man named Moses Levy tried to create a Jewish refuge there.

Can a Palestinian Movie Take Israeli Money?

Filmmaker Suha Arraf characterized her recent film ‘Villa Touma’ as Palestinian — even though much of the funding from Israel. Is anything wrong with that?

A Friend Like Me: ‘Aladdin and Yasmin’ is being performed over the Hanukkah holiday in Tel Aviv.

How 'Aladdin' Became A Hanukkah Musical

Musical theater pantomimes are a well-loved Christmas tradition in England. Can Hanukkah pantos have similar success in Israel?

Israel's Knesset Votes to Dissolve Government, Sets New Elections

— Israel’s Knesset voted unanimously to dissolve the government and set new elections.

Embrace Changing Jewish Family — Don't Denigrate It

J.E. Reich says it’s time to create new definitions of the American Jewish family. That embraces the diversity that is our greatest strength — instead of denigrating it.