Primo Levi and the Italian Resistance

Poet, novelist and essayist Primo Levi is best known as a survivor and chronicler of Auschwitz. But a new book reveals the supporting role he played as a Resistance fighter in Italy.

How 'The Birdcage' Married Jewish and Gay Civil Rights

Mike Nichols’ and Elaine May’s 1996 “The Birdcage” represents a landmark for Jewish and gay civil rights. Elyssa Goodman celebrates the film’s 20th anniversary and what it means to her.

Why Ezra Furman Is Proudly Frum — and a 'Dress-Wearing Weirdo' at the Same Time

Ezra Furman is a self-described “dress-wearing weirdo” who’s also an observant Jew. Michael Kaminer talks to the indie-rock icon about his multiple identities.

Israeli Composer of Indian Muslim Music Collaborates With Radiohead Guitarist

For most musicians working in the under-appreciated genre of world music, recording an album with Jonny Greenwood, the guitarist of the famed English rock band Radiohead, would be something of a pipe dream.

When Larry David Shows Up at Your Birthday Party

Larry David is always the first to arrive and always the first to leave at parties, according to J. B. Smoove.

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