What Sheryl Sandberg Gets Right About Female Friendships

Sheryl Sandberg ended the year she lost her husband with another prolific post on Facebook — this time, about her New Year’s resolution.

Remembering the Artistic and Spiritual Legacy of Elizabeth Swados

Elizabeth Swados, the Jewish composer, director and author of numerous works including “Runaways” has died at the age of 64. The Forward remembers her artistic and spiritual legacy.

Carnegie Deli Giving People Gas Again

After months without heat or hot water, tenants in the Carnegie Deli building are finally able to remove the multiple layers they were wearing to stay warm, and to wash again.

A Minute With the Brooklyn Seltzer Boys

Brooklyn Seltzer Boys’ Alex Gomberg is establishing a new business model for a product so old-fashioned that the bottles used to contain it are up to a century old. And the egg cream features prominently in his plan.

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