Why a 90-Year-Old Jewish Prayer Still Seems Relevant Today

In 1927, Louis Ginzberg’s “Prayer for Our Country” held out hope that citizens of all races could “forge a common bond in true harmony.” Can we get an amen for that?

The Maccabees Were on the Wrong Side of History — So Why Do We Still Celebrate Hanukkah?

Is it possible for a Reform Jew to love Hannukah — even though it celebrates the victory of religious zealots?


Why My Grandfather Voted For Trump (Or Did He?)

Irina Reyn’s 93-year-old grandfather planned to vote for Hillary Clinton — but something happened on the way to the voting booth.

Lena Dunham’s Absurd Comments Are Great Fodder For Comedy Twitter

Lena Dunham recently said that she wishes that she’d had an abortion as an act of solidarity - twitter was not so kind

Lena Dunham’s Poorly-Phrased Abortion Remarks Draw Outrage

Anti-Dunhamism has all the risks of populism, with the added one that comes from anointing just one person the elite.

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