Israel's Knesset Votes to Dissolve Government, Sets New Elections

— Israel’s Knesset voted unanimously to dissolve the government and set new elections.

Embrace Changing Jewish Family — Don't Denigrate It

J.E. Reich says it’s time to create new definitions of the American Jewish family. That embraces the diversity that is our greatest strength — instead of denigrating it.

Why Do We Skip the Sex in the Bible?

Rachel Rosenthal asks why we have no problem teaching our children about the violence in the Bible — but skip over anything having to do with sex.

Obama Chef Sam Kass to Leave the White House

The Chicago native, a longtime friend of the first family, is moving to New York to be closer to his new bride, MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner.

8-Year-Old French Girl Taunted for Being Jewish

An 8-year-old girl in France was attacked verbally and harassed for being Jewish by two fellow students identified as Muslim, a watchdog group said.