Israeli Law Bars Using Mikvehs for Non-Orthodox Conversions

A controversial bill that would enable local Orthodox rabbinates to bar non-Orthodox Jewish conversion ceremonies in publicly funded mikvehs was passed in the Knesset.


What Rembrandt Painted When He Painted Jews

At age 23, Rembrandt painted the Biblical episode of “Judas Returning Thirty Pieces of Sliver.” But his work, on view at the Morgan, transcends typical anti-semitism seen in other depictions of that passage.


Israeli Opens New Café in Harlem

Israeli-born chef Kfir Ben-Arimade is the coffee-lover behind a new java spot in Harlem.

WATCH: Gal Gadot Rocks in ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer

Israeli actress Gal Gadot showed off her fierce fighting skills in the first official trailer for the movie ‘Wonder Woman.’


This Is What’s Really Behind Hatred for Hillary Clinton

What’s behind the vicious attacks on Hillary Clinton — and are they justified?

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