How About a Kosher Super Bowl Half Time Show?

The Super Bowl Halftime Show has not been very Jewish in recent years. If you’re not a fan of Katy Perry, Nachum Segal has the answer: the ‘Kosher Halftime Show.’

The Humdrum life of an Israeli secret-agent

In Angouleme, Israeli Cartoonists Talk About Charlie Hebdo — And BDS

Cartoonists are pondering their role in a changed world at the International Comics Festival. The Israeli delegation talks to the Forward about BDS and Charlie Hebdo.


In New HBO Special, Mel Brooks Is in Fine Form

Some of the material in Mel Brooks’s new HBO special will prove familiar to fans, but it’s a tribute to the comedian’s genius that he still has baskets of farm-fresh anecdotes to offer.


Can Digital Badges Save Hebrew School?

Community schools struggle to show their unique advantages.Can badges help? How a handful of innovators are trying to ‘gamify’ Jewish education.

Lieder of the Pack: A few months before he died at the age of 31, Schubert produced a setting for the 92nd Psalm.

How Franz Schubert Found Himself in Shul

Why did Austrian composer Franz Schubert wrote a Psalm setting in Hebrew just a few months before he died? The composer’s Jewish ties are deeper than one might think.