Baseball's Jewiest Moment of All

With catcher Joe Ginsberg behind the plate, Lou Limmer stepped into the batter’s box to face Saul Rogovin. Murray Greenberg looks back at the most Jewish moment in baseball history — 64 years ago.

The Feminist Hipster Muslim Series You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For

The web series “Shugs & Fats” follows the adventures of Shugufta and Fatima, “two Hijabis on a quest to reconcile their long held cultural beliefs with a new life in Brooklyn.”

Why Iris Apfel is a 'Big Sensation'

At the age of 93, Iris Apfel is a model, a jewelry designer, a collector and a cover-girl. Regina Weinreich catches up with the Queens-born fashionista.

Michigan Opera Director Turns His Hand to Yiddish Theater

‘You can’t dance at two weddings with one tukhes,’ goes the old Yiddish saying. Tell that Michael Yashinsky, a 26-year-old Detroit area Yiddishist who divides his time between a Jewish day school and Michigan Opera Theatre.

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