Untold Story of the First Jewish Lynching in America

The first Jew lynched in America was a man you’ve never heard of. His name was Samuel Bierfield — and Paul Berger went to Tennessee to find his riveting, untold story.

Time to Make the Doughnuts

When an Israeli friend emailed Gayle Squires his recipe for sufganiyot, she decided to try her hand at something she’d never done before: She fried.

Splendid Sufganiyot, Step by Step

After making jelly doughnuts for the first time, Gayle L. Squires decided to share her new-found knowledge.

Forward Welcomes Sisterhood Editor Sarah Breger

The Forward is pleased to announce that Sarah Breger is the new editor of the Sisterhood blog, a post left vacant when Naomi Zeveloff became our Mideast correspondent.

I’m happy to announce that we have found that person in Sarah Breger.

Suspects Arrested in Torching of Joint Arab-Jewish School

Several suspects were arrested in the suspected arson attack on a joint Arab-Jewish school in Jerusalem.