7 Jewish Movies To Watch Out For at Sundance

The Sundance Film Festival remains a venue for some of the film industry’s more offbeat voices and still largely unknown talent. Here are 7 Jewish movies you should watch out for this year.

Bethenny Frankel Wants to Sell You Munchie-Free Weed

Love weed but hate the munchies? Bethenny Frankel is your new best friend. The creator of the Skinnygirl empire is apparently creating a new strain of pot that will keep you munchie-free.

Ayn Rand, Worst Jewish Aunt — Ever

What does it take for Ayn Rand to lend you $25? Just ask her niece. A recent letter from the philosopher outlines the strict conditions under which she would do such a favor.

Sarah Silverman Makes Marvel Comic Cameo

Sarah Silverman, our favorite potty-mouthed comedian, joins a long line of prominent Jewish celebrities to make a comic book cameo appearance.

U.N. 'Alarmed' by Downward Spiral in Mideast

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is alarmed that the Israelis and Palestinians are engaged in a downward spiral of actions and counter actions and calls on both sides not to exacerbate existing divisions, a senior U.N. official said on Thursday.