The Only Safe Place for Battered Orthodox Women in Israel

Since its founding ten years ago, Bat Melech has served as the only network of domestic violence shelters that cater to the Jewishly observant in Israel.

My Big Sabbath Lie — and the Joy It Brought

For young attorneys, joining a fancy New York law firm can mean working long hours, abandoning domestic duties and, in Susan Pashman’s case, finding a new attachment to the sabbath and its rituals.


Why Tobie Nathan Is the Opposite of Freud

A finalist for this year’s Goncourt Prize, author and psychoanalyst Tobie Nathan reflects on his career and his family’s expulsion from Egypt.

How Leonid Yakobson Danced Past Soviet Censorship

Janice Ross’s book, “Like a Bomb Going Off: Leonid Yakobson and Ballet as Resistance in Soviet Russia,” chronicles the choreographer’s fight against anti-Semitism and the backlash to his dance pieces.

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