Ayn Rand, Worst Jewish Aunt — Ever

What does it take for Ayn Rand to lend you $25? Just ask her niece. A recent letter from the philosopher outlines the strict conditions under which she would do such a favor.

Sarah Silverman Makes Marvel Comic Cameo

Sarah Silverman, our favorite potty-mouthed comedian, joins a long line of prominent Jewish celebrities to make a comic book cameo appearance.

U.N. 'Alarmed' by Downward Spiral in Mideast

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is alarmed that the Israelis and Palestinians are engaged in a downward spiral of actions and counter actions and calls on both sides not to exacerbate existing divisions, a senior U.N. official said on Thursday.

My Magical Mystery Travelogue

A wild carrot. A shadow. An author. A surreal journey. Liana Finck’s latest comic takes you into her world. And then, far beyond it.

Meet Stefan Zweig, the Jewish Author Behind 'Grand Budapest Hotel'

‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ was nominated for nine Oscars. Who was Stefan Zweig, the Jewish author whose works inspired the blockbuster movie?