The 5 Best Celebrity Pranks Of All Time

From Dustin Hoffman’s ongoing comedy bit with the paparazzi to Amy Schumer trolling Kim and Kayne, here’s how Jewish stars do pranking right.

4 Questions We Have About This Ridiculous Passover Stock Photo Of Elijah

Why is this stock photo different from all other stock photos?

Magnificent Chocolate Matzo Masterpieces

Inspired by her grandmother’s matzo-making, a Russian immigrant swathes her matzo in gorgeous, colorful chocolate designs.

Did One Of Spain’s Greatest Artists Actually Have A Feminist Streak?

For Francisco Goya’s 270th birthday, the Israel Museum is exhibiting the Spanish artist’s work — some of which is stunningly progressive.

This Israeli Conductor Wants To Use Music To Fix The World

Our exclusive interview with internationally-renowned conductor Omer Meir Wellber touches on Mozart, Mahler and the beauty of Yom Kippur.

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