Roman Polanski Hopes To Avoid Extradition From Poland for 1977 Sex Conviction

Filmmaker Roman Polanski said on Thursday he did not expect Poland would comply with a request to extradite him to the United States over a 1977 child sex-crime conviction.

Angela Merkel Vows To Protect Germany's Muslims — and Jews

Chancellor Angela Merkel promised on Thursday to protect Jews and Muslims living in Germany from prejudice, saying vibrant democracy was the best way to combat the sort of extremist violence that shook France last week.

'I Think You're Totally Wrong' Goes to Hollywood

Four days of intense conversation between friends became the basis for ‘I Think You’re Totally Wrong: A Quarrel,’ a book that is now being made into a movie by James Franco.

Balabusta Bootcamp

In today’s frantic, fast-paced world, has the balabusta become as obsolete as the meat grinder or pop-up toaster?

So, Why Are All Podcasters Jewish Anyway?

The hosts of the top podcasts in iTunes reads like a passenger manifest on the Exodus — but is there a reason behind it? Josh Nathan-Kazis explores the phenomenon of Jews and podcasting.