Sure, Jesus Was Son of God. But How Was His Fiction?

Many of us were taught to despise the Christian Scriptures. But one Jewish scholar turned the Gospels into a fascinating read that can teach us a lot about Judaism.


The Secret Jewish History of Pi

March 14 honors the magic number that has fascinated everyone from Maimonides to Mr. Spock. Seth Rogovoy finds more than 3.14 reasons why Pi is very Jewish.


Shocker! Benjamin Netanyahu Uses Speech to Congress in Campaign Ad

Despite denials that his speech to Congress was a bid to boost his party in national elections in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu’s party released a campaign ad showing him being applauded by congressmen.


Meet the ‘Jew-bano’ Sandwich

A treyf-but-haimish twist on the Cubano sandwich has arrived on the Lower East Side. It’s Havana street food with a twist, full of fixin’s inspired by the old Jewish neighborhood.

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