Finding God in a Carrot Field

I’m a nice Jewish girl. I’ve lived in New York City, gone to synagogue, and attended modern Orthodox Jewish day schools my whole life. Which is why it struck many of my friends and fellow community members as absurd – hell, it strikes me as absurd – that instead of opting to spend the summer after my high school graduation as a babysitter or counselor at a Jewish camp, I decided to stuff a season’s worth of possessions into a 65-liter backpack and work fifty hours a week on a sustainable farm in Danby, Vermont, for a family I’d never met in my life.

The Inner Workings of Isaiah Sheffer

The robust archive of the director and playwright Isaiah Sheffer now resides in the New York Public Library for Performing Arts. It gives insight into the struggles and triumphs he endured over the decades.

Is God a Chicago Cubs Fan?

Is God a Chicago Cubs fan?

Porn Queen Jenna Jameson Stands Up for Israel

Jenna Jameson has chutzpah and she’s not afraid to use it.


How Geraldine Brooks Was Inspired by King David and Leonard Cohen

Pulitzer Prize-winner Geraldine Brooks’s new novel ‘The Secret Chord’ takes its inspiration from King David and a song by Leonard Cohen. She discusses her diverse influences with the Forward’s Talya Zax.

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