Paris Hilton Threatened by Man Who Thinks She's Jewish

American actress and socialite Paris Hilton has been threatened on social media by a man who believes she is Jewish. She’s not.

A Hanukkah Shidduch: Doughnut, Meet the Latke

Sufgan-what? Hadas Margulies had her heart set on creating the ultimate gluten-free and vegan sufganiyot, but wound up with a delicious Hanukkah hybrid instead.

British Lawmakers Push Anti-Israel Sanctions

British lawmakers have called for economic sanctions and boycotts on Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians.

Bibi's Youngest Son Joins the IDF

Avner Netanyahu waved goodbye to mommy and daddy Netanyahu on Monday, as he began his military service in the Israel Defense Forces.

Benjamin Netanyahu Demands 'Clear Mandate' in March 17 Vote

Israeli legislators agreed on Wednesday to set March 17 as the date for a new parliamentary election, Israel Radio said.