New East Village Mexican and All the Weekly Dish

The very latest news about restaurant openings and closings, chefs on the move and tasty events happening in the world of Jewish food.

A Personal History of Sports and Anti-Semitism

Ugly chants at European soccer games suggest a rise of anti-Semitism. But, according to former New York Times sportswriter Gerald Eskenazi, sports fans and anti-Jewish prejudice have a long history together.

A Harriet Tubman for the Jewish LGBT Community

Meet Dr. Alison Feit, who uses her training as a psychoanalyst and knowledge of Orthodox culture to provide guidance to teens struggling with their sexuality in difficult environments.

Call Me Rebbetz-Him

‘Pulpit Plus One’ interviews Matt, the husband of a Conservative rabbi in the Midwest, on sitting in the front row during services and being introduced as the rabbi’s wife.

A Pogrom Against Warsaw's Jews

Emboldened by the Nazis, bands of anti-Semitic Polish hooligans perpetrated a pogrom against Warsaw’s Jews during Easter.

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