When Bernie Sanders Turned Table on Larry David

The Vermont Senator took a brief pause from discussing campaign finance and college tuition on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, to pay homage to Larry David’s classic Curb Your Enthusiasm bit.

The First Ever Chinese-Yiddish Song

While writing her Ph.D. dissertation on Jewish Exile in Shanghai, Yang Meng performed the first ever Chinese-Yiddish song: “The Chinese Moon over Tel-Aviv.”


Daniel Radcliffe's Patronus Charm Is His Bubbe

Daniel Radcliffe’s patronus is his bubbe.

Is Donna Karan Offering TMI About DKNY?

Fashion icon Donna Karan’s new memoir chronicles her tempestuous relationships, her tumultuous childhood and her rise to the top of the fashion industry. She talks to Curt Schleier about her not-so-secret Jewish history.

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