EXCLUSIVE: Paul Newman’s Lost Masterpiece — And How We Rediscovered It

Paul Newman once directed a cinematic masterpiece in a Yiddish theater. So, why did he take his name off it? And why hasn’t anyone seen it or heard of it — until now?

Why Tila Tequila’s Jew Hatred Is So Disturbing

Diversity. To the movement. The movement being white nationalism.

Kosher ‘Crisis’ Averted Through Tsuris-Filled Thanksgiving Text Exchange

When a kosher-observant family accepted an invitation to join a non-kosher group of food-obsessed friends for the holiday, the question of what to cook almost overtook the stress of the Presidential election.

What If Mike Pence Got Booed at ‘Fiddler on the Roof?’

Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to berate the cast of “Hamilton” for speaking out to vice president-elect Mike Pence. What would we think if this had happened at “Fiddler on the Roof?”

Grandma Bebe’s Chicken Liver and Mushroom Stuffing

Chicken livers give this Thanksgiving stuffing a decidedly Jewish flavor.

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