Rand Paul Skewers Donald Trump on Yiddish After 'Schlong' Debacle

Rand Paul knows a thing or two about Yiddish and he used today’s celebration of Festivus to call out Donald Trump for his Hillary Clinton “schlonged” comments.


Melissa Rivers Dishes on Surreal Experience of Playing Joan Rivers in 'Joy'

Only four months after Joan Rivers passed away unexpectedly from complications following surgery, her daughter was offered the chance to play her.

I Am the Grinch and I'm Here to Steal Your Christmas

Around the Christmas Holiday, Israeli cartoonist Lior Zaltzman found herself turning into a Grinch.


Perfect Chopped Salad From Honey & Co.

The Israeli couple behind the London restaurant “Honey & Co.” talk about their culinary journey while demonstrating the proper way to make a quintessential dish of their homeland.

How 'Star Wars' Became America's Talmud [SPOILER ALERT!]

“The Force Awakens” is a talmudic film, endlessly haunted by and commenting on its mythic past. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a masterpiece. Jay Michaelson highlights the film’s triumphs and its revelations.

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