Yiddish Breathes New Life Into 'Death of a Salesman'

A new production of “Death of a Salesman” adapts Arthur Miller’s classic play into Yiddish. Ezra Glinter decodes what happens when a seemingly deracinated play is put in a Jewish context.

Is Ivanka Trump the Donald's Brainy (Jewish) Better Half?

Ivanka is to Donald Trump as Lisa is to Homer Simpson: brainy, composed and unflinchingly loyal to her outrageous and unpredictable father.


To Tip or Not — Thoughts on Danny Meyer’s New Policy

Is the plan to eliminate tipping at a group of popular New York City restaurants the start of a trend, or the laudable idealism of an industry leader?


When Amy Schumer Met Virginia Woolf

Writer and comedian Amy Schumer is getting a reported $9 million for her first memoir. Writer, comedian and self-proclaimed Schumer ghostwriter Neal Pollack has been drawing inspiration for the memoir from one of the masters of the form.

For Matisyahu, Leaving Orthodoxy Was 'Hardest Thing'

With his clean-shaven face and hip clothing, it’s easy to forget that Matisyahu was a Hasidic icon before he was just a Jewish one.

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