Better Than Barack? Adolf Hitler and his generals march in front of Eiffel Tower after occupation of France.

Republican Sorry for Comparing President Obama to Hitler Over Paris No-Show

Randy Weber, a Republican from Texas, has drawn hefty criticism and some praise after he compared President Barack Obama’s decision not to attend a rally in Paris to Adolf Hitler’s visit to the city after the Nazis invaded.

Push Your Way to Front Like Bibi

Benjamin Netanyahu’s sharp-elbowed rush to the front of the Paris anti-terror march was the stuff of instant social media legend.

Don't Write Off France Just Yet

Instead of labeling France as a hopeless case, Symi Rom-Rymer says Jews must support all those who are working to make France a more welcoming country for all.

WATCH: First Look at CBS’ Masada Mini-Series

CBS has released the first trailer for ‘The Dovekeepers’ a forthcoming mini-series about the Roman siege of Masada.

Orthodox Paper Edits Angela Merkel Out of Paris March Photos

The front page of the ultra-Orthodox Israeli newspaper, HaMevaser edited two female world leaders out of an image of the Charlie Hebdo March.