Turn of Events: Jo Milgrom’s ‘One Has Not Yet Asked’ is on display as part of her latest exhibit, ‘Turn it Over, Overturn It.’

Jo Milgrom's Torah Mantles Are Definitely Art. But Are They Kosher?

Jo Milgrom rescues precious artifacts for her eye-catching artwork. When she started using old Torah mantles, some critics say she went too far.

Oxford Press Bans Pigs and Pork References

Oxford University Press has banned references to pigs and pork in its publications in order to avoid offending Jews and Muslims.

Luise Rainer's American Way

Luise Rainer, who won Oscars in only the second and third year of her American life, was undaunted by America’s seeming resistance to join the anti-fascist struggle.

Monica Lewinsky Gets National Magazine Award Nod

Monica Lewinsky has been nominated for a National Magazine Award for her Vanity Fair essay commenting on her affair with Bill Clinton.