Prepare Yourself! Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford Announce Fifth ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie

Steven Spielberg announced plans to direct a fifth installment of ‘Indiana Jones’ starring Harrison Ford as the swashbuckling archeologist with a penchant for getting in trouble that’s slated to hit theaters July 19, 2019.

Kathie Lee Gifford Can’t Get Enough of Israeli Food

Television host Kathie Lee Gifford raved about Israeli cuisine Monday, offering treats from a recent trip to the Jewish state to her Today Show co-anchor.

Seth Rogen’s ‘Sausage Party’ is the Adults-Only Cartoon You’ve Been Waiting For

‘Sausage Party,’ Seth Rogen’s upcoming Pixar-quality cartoon, just might feature the first food-on-food orgy scene you’ve been dying to see. Hilarity ensues.

3 Reasons Ted Cruz Should Actually Call for Ban on ‘Satanic’ Tritone

Sadly, today’s report that Ted Cruz has issued a call to ban the tritone — in music theory terms, the musical interval of augmented fourth or diminished fifth, and in conspiracy theorist terms, the dangerously alluring sound of the devil — is satirical. (Importantly, it was issued by the website Submediant, which is a satirical news outlet devoted entirely to classical music; I’ve always felt there was always something missing in my life, and now I know what it was.)

With President Trump a Possibility, Your Panties Are Political

We’re living in a time when ads for period panties spot NYC subway cars — and Candidate Trump tries to shame a newswoman by alluding to her menstrual cycle. Who are the entrepreneurs, actors, artists and activists waving the red flag to defy taboos, and political pressure?

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