Egon Schiele, My Father and Me

Years after her father’s death, Carol Bergman discovered that he might not have been quite the art collector she thought. Did he buy a painting confiscated by the Nazis?


Toronto Foodies Flock to Veggie ‘Butcher Shop’

With customers who run the gamut from vegans to curious carnivores, a ‘vegetarian butcher shop’ is earning a fanatical following among Toronto foodies.


Where Are the Queer Spaces for Jewish Women?

J.E. Reich asks why queer women have a harder time obtaining and maintaining “safe spaces” than queer men in the Jewish community?


A Cleveland Son's Debt to Anny Katan and Sigmund Freud

Meet the Freuds of Cleveland: Anny Katan was a trailblazer in child psychology, and one of Anna Freud’s close colleagues.


John Boehner Admits Keeping Netanyahu Speech Secret To Stop White House From 'Interfering'

John Boehner said he kept the White House out of the loop when he invited Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress because he did not want it to interfere.

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