Bibi's Youngest Son Joins the IDF

Avner Netanyahu waved goodbye to mommy and daddy Netanyahu on Monday, as he began his military service in the Israel Defense Forces.

Benjamin Netanyahu Demands 'Clear Mandate' in March 17 Vote

Israeli legislators agreed on Wednesday to set March 17 as the date for a new parliamentary election, Israel Radio said.

Getting to Know the Jewish Whisky Company

One lucky writer sips spirits with the founders of the Jewish Whisky Company, and discovers what they mean by their motto, ‘Whisky First. Jewish Second.’

Maccabee on the Mantel, For Jewish Tyke Who Has Everything

Move over Elf on the Shelf — Maccabee on the Mantel may be just the ticket for the Jewish child who has everything.

Using His Head: Assaf Gavron is a novelist, translator and founder of the Israeli Writers Soccer Team.

Of Frum Hippies, West Bank Settlements and Leo Tolstoy

Assaf Gavron’s ‘Hilltop’ is no ‘War and Peace’ — and that’s not a bad thing. Dan Friedman explains the compelling novel is about real people who happen to live in a West Bank outpost.