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The Liqueur-Making Jews of Curacao

The oldest continually active Jewish congregation in the Americas? Hint: Check your margarita glass.

Will Israel Re-Occupy Gaza?

Some Israeli leaders are calling for a cease-fire. But others argue that the only way to address the Hamas threat is to reoccupy Gaza.

U.S. Orders Airlines to Ground Flights to Tel Aviv After Rocket Explodes Near Ben Gurion Airport

Delta Airlines suspended flights into Tel Aviv until further notice and diverted a flight on its way there due to rocket fire from Gaza.

VIDEO: How To Fight Voyeurism in Gaza

The televised carnage coming out of Gaza paints an accurate picture, but also risks dehumanizing Palestinians. Filmmaker Hadeel Assali’s new video finds a creative way around that.

Israeli Man Shot And Seriously Injured At West Bank Junction

An Israeli man was shot and seriously injured while waiting at a West Bank junction.

Kibbutzes Empty as Gaza Rockets Rain

The buzz of Israeli drones and non-stop Israeli artillery shells fired into Gaza sounded as his wife bounced their 18-month-old grandson on a trampoline in their front yard.