Judge Scolds Carnegie Deli’s ‘Shyster of Smoked Meat’

Wolf of Wall Street? So last decade. New York’s new supervillain is the famous eatery’s former manager, whose lawyer once defended Jordan Belfort.


A-Wa's Unlikely Journey From Rural Israel to Global Fame

The A-Wa sisters grew up on an Israeli farm. Now, their hip hop beats set to Arabic folk music have them singing from clubs in Tel Aviv to European music festivals.


Did Donald Trump Keep Hitler Speeches By His Bed?

A recently re-published Vanity Fair profile from 1990 reveals that Donald Trump was given a copy of Hitler’s speeches — though whether or not he read them is still up for debate.


Sketching Life With a Rare Disease

Cartoonist Mindy Indy had never heard of familial dysautonomia before getting hired to draw a weekly series about it. Now, her comic has made her a fixture in the community.

Move Over 'Project Runway.' Here Comes Israel's 'Skin Wars'

Israel’s latest entertainment craze, ‘Skin Deep,’ takes us into the world of body painting. Avi Ram, front-runner of the current season, talks about how the Israeli Army prepared him for reality TV.

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